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Seeds of Globalization

Seeds of Globalisation🌼

June 12,2020.Hyderabad,India

It was a bright sunny day. I was the 11th in the queue. It was for buying vegetables from the Saturday veggie truck in our township. Things changed so much in this Pandemic phase. Buying veggies was like a herculean task. Owing to social distancing the queue stretched more than two adjacent blocks. It became like an every Saturday affair to stand in that queue and study people covered with masks. Finally after a wait of 40 mins or so, I was the second  now in the line. The lady standing ahead of me went to the truck to  buy. What intrigued me was the way she was explaining the vendor the quantity of veggies. She asked the vendor to fill the weighing pan with tomatoes till full. Then she asked to slash the half quantity. ('aadha kilo').  I understood that she is not knowing the Local and Hindi language. The vendor is not knowing English. So this is leading to use of sign language (our ultimate communicator) to buy vegetables. But problem happened when she wanted to buy little coriander from a  huge bunch of coriander. The vendor was now irritated after slashing lady finger, tomato, potato, brinjals and even green chillies. I moved ahead and helped her out. Her eyes told me she has a beautiful smile and she is saying Thank You.  I asked her from where she was? She said, "I m from Philippines." "Nice to meet you!", I said. I was about to leave when I paused and called her, 'Hey, Happy Independence Day!' She stood mum, took her moment, and said in a faint but excited voice, " You know it!! No one wished me today. You just made my day! Thank You!".

Her moist eyes said it all. She later told me that she is a teacher in one of the International Schools nearby.  She invited me that evening to her flat in the adjacent block in our township. I finished my veggie shopping and came home. It was not even 2 seconds I kept the vegetable bag and washed my hands, my son came to me and said in his as usual excited tone, " you know in Japan there is a robot restaurant! Cool na!". He looked at the bananas and continued. 'Oh, you brought the bananas! Arigato gozaimasu." I smiled and hugged him. 

That very morning, my son had told me that it was Independence Day for Philippines. This was not just one thing, but I guess, one of the hundred informative statements I listen from my son daily. Since the age of 7, he is kind of obsessed on reading and knowing about countries, the global events like World War I & II, Geopolitical tensions between countries, their culture as well, geographical features and also emerging global problems like forest fires, extinction of species as well as climate change. These days he has been learning 'Japanese' on his own watching YouTube Videos. No wonder, his knowledge sharing made me connect to a wonderful person from Philippines, Vangie. 

I told my son about Vangie and he was so excited to meet her.  Before going to Vengie's place he must have rehearsed almost 10-15 times in front of mirror a few greetings in Filipino. I think more than me, it was him who was prepared to talk on a variety of topics with Vangie. He definitely took over in real when we reached there. I, the illiterate :) chose to sit in a corner and let them talk on world affairs, countries and history and what not! In the middle of the conversation, Vengie asked him, "So what you want to become when you grow up?" My son told, " Well...a zoo keeper." Vengie couldn't help smiling and asked, " A zoo keeper! But why?" He paused for a moment and said, " Have you heard about bush fire in Australia? It killed so many koala bears and kangaroos and other animals. We humans are not caring about them. So I wanted to make a big zoo to keep all animals safe."  Vangie didn't speak. 

The world is indeed a small place. If not for us, then at least for the present generation of kids born in 20s. Their thinking has much broader scope and they are challenging the  boundaries of their school curriculum which will only focus on states and capitals and the famous tourist attractions. Water cycle will be limited to a concept and a cardboard project. It may teach them about religion, four types of weather, freedom struggle. But is that all we need? We think they are too small for their age to grasp what's going on in the world? Its not just about understanding the freedom struggle, but its about understanding what factors instigate a revolution? What made people fight for freedom? 

This is the era we are facing some major global problems posing a threat to our survival. Pandemic is the latest one to join in. And to fight against these global problems we need global solutions. The solutions can be worked out only with a mindset that is adapted to thinking globally. This is where. we sow...."SEEDS OF GLOBALISATION" in young minds who are set to become the torch bearers in future. It will only happen when we do not restrict their scope of knowledge to a particular section. If we provide the right exposure to a limitless source of information in a channelised manner, very soon the boundaries will dissolve and produce global citizens who are prepared to handle global problems, relations and differences as well as diversity. 

If not schools, then let there be some external source of knowledge that keeps them updated about world events, culture, languages and much more. The onus of educating them in real sense lies with the parents. Let us entertain their curiosities, tell them stories of global personalities and celebrate international days in minimum possible ways at home. 

"Mom! Where are you? See this. Vengie bought this from Africa. Nice na..." I woke up from my thoughts and came back to the cosy dim lit dainty living hall. Vangie and my son were having good time talking. May be that's why this talk allowed me to take my own time and think, what if these kids take the whole world in their stride. Let it be one big family resonating empathy and kindness...

The evening dusked and it was time for me to return back home. Before going back, we clicked some photos. Divyansh was all smiles. He said, " maganda ang pagkikita mo (it was nice meeting you)". Vangie was very happy to meet someone, who knows so much about her place.

Thank you Vangie. I didn't feel like I am meeting a person from other country. The seeds of globalisation nurturing in Divyansh simply made you my next door neighbour. Hope to see you soon!



After Notes

  •  I thank channels like Nas Daily and  Drew Binsky  on YouTube for creating engaging and easy to follow videos. These short videos are very informative and kid friendly. Wanna know about the world? Follow these channels. 
  • Let your kid ask you questions about the world. You may feel irritated, but encourage them to research and fulfill their quest.
  • Arigato gozaimasu - 'Thank You' in Japanese. Now you know☺️. It is fun to use multilingual words on daily basis. Try it☺️.


  1. Beautiful Message!

  2. that's how every guest in our country must feel. You did a great job Vibha

    1. Thanks Spark! I agree with your viewpoint. I am happy you liked it.

  3. Those who wish to foster the welfare of living beings as a whole have to embrace universalism as the only solution. If we look upon everything as our own, the question of mine and yours will dissolve; in universalism there is no opportunity for hatred or narrowness. Nationalism actually divide us. Nationalism soon will be outdated to this upcoming generations. Very Well written. Thanks for enlightening us with your writing charisma blended with social responsibilities

    1. Dear Unknown!
      Whispering Woodz is happy to welcome your elaborate viewpoint on universalism. We are united but only for a limited area/ section. Such unison can look constructive but in long term it affects the global consensus.
      Glad that you liked it! Hoping to come with more such reads in future.

  4. Replies
    1. Thankyou Shwetha☺️👍. I am happy that you liked it.

  5. Pushpendra Pratap Singh23 June 2020 at 15:17

    O woww ! Simply awesome :) ... While reading the article, I started travelling in my childhood days when our English Teacher used to explain us any textbook story & we all students used 2 listen 2 her with full concentration :) ... Article properly woven & tied around the right words & the Theme chosen (Globalisation) makes us stride into the cosmopolitan nature of the writer (Ms. Vibha) ... Congo & keep it up ����

    1. Thankyou for the lovely comments. I am happy that this article could take you back to your memory of English Teacher and the related nostalgia. We all had this kind of memorable times.

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