Friday, 28 August 2020

Did You Find Your MOJO Moment?

Sitting in the corner with empty eyes,

Letting my desires ferment...

Give up home & feel the undesirable despair,

Did life showed up with such an agreement..??

If no..then what is stopping you!

Privileged to bear daily torment ??

Work out the fears, begin the quest of calm,

For that is why YOU are God Sent!

A penny in the pocket, a cookie in the bag,

Mini surprises that made you mad...

Sitting empty today in the middle of luxury,

What you have....What you had.

Let your smile be the sword,

Make every evil bruised and bent,

Find! Meet! Talk! Shout...Connect!

Let's dance to the tune of MOJO Moment!

The oldies, the buddies, the best of friends,

The careless smiles came and went. 

Hey....can you open the forbidden book again....?

Yellowish Hue & that odor of nostalgia...Ummm.

Tickles your heart...

With .....a MOJO Moment!

Loosen yourself, laugh at yourself,

A short break is good from the daily rant!

Its time to bring the penny & cookie back in the pocket,

For that is your MOJO moment!

- Vibha Gupta


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