Saturday, 15 August 2020

My Bow to Pillars of Security

VibzContentCart wishes its all readers a 

The celebration is incomplete without paying tribute to our soldiers, who are at the frontier, determined to protect our country. A short tribute to those...ready to die so that we can live.....

Standing tall and at the front,

To bear every first evil brunt…

Vigilance is like your heartbeat,

Ready to battle and achieve the feat.

To the sons and daughters of the country…

My bow to the pillars of security...


You find your abode away from home,

In deep waters, rough terrains and blue sky

Valour and discipline in your every nerve,

Defensive and fearless, when eye to eye.

To the epitome of bravery and integrity...

My bow to the pillars of security.


Every new day, every new sunrise,

May just turn out to be the day of sacrifice. still wear that smile and pride,

Embracing battles and uncertain tides.

Love for nation is your only identity,

My bow to the pillars of security.


Homecoming in ages, is a new life,

Which perhaps would none of us realise,

Unending moments with family, not so common,

Gives up everything, hearing motherlands summon.

Born to die for the sake of nation’s safety,

My bow to the pillars of security.


When on borders, the diversity fades

Laughing and crying along with comrades

Destroying every obstruction that comes in way

‘That’s how we live!” the bravoes say.

Celebrating the true spirit of daredevil unity...

My bows to the pillars of security.


-        Vibha Gupta


We salute you!!!!

Jai hind


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