Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Beat the Rush, Not the Quality!



Ever thought what is the purpose of writing something? 

Well ... formal or informal, personal or professional, serious or casual..every line has a meaning. 

But along with the literal meaning of the lines, should we not care about the meaning BETWEEN THE LINES? 

What do you want your reader to understand?  At what level you want your reader's persuasion to reach? 
How closely you want to evoke the experience in your reader? 

Often even the best of the writers succumb to the deadlines and what you get is a 'Regular Basmati Rice' to be precise!

And then, what lingers in a reader (the client's) mind is, " Ye Basmati Rice hi hai na....?"

Writer: " Haa...kyu? " 

Client: " Nahi ji, khusbu nahi aayi na, par koi baat nahi khila khila toh lag raha hai na..."

Writer: " Eh.....OK."

So, what you wanted to serve is not actually served. It is just prepared and kept on the table to eat. 

The solution lies in a mutual understanding between the client and the writer. 

And if its a sheer business wherein money is speaking, then restrict your promises to deliver the best. 


Writing is spiritual. Writing is self-connect. 

You are not a word processing factory. You spin ideas, thoughts..in fact, meaningful thoughts. 

Write LESS.  Linearly Engaging Selling Stuff 

Some quick tips to avoid such kind of situation is:

  • Plan Your Work Engagements In Advance
  • Clear Agreement with Client on Deadlines Best Suitable To You!
  • DO NOT Take Abrupt or Unplanned Assignments in Between Ongoing Engagements  (Favors are not that flavorful always!
  • Relax..relax...relax....Your Content will Be Good if you Relax!
That's all Gyan for today! 

Writing Less:)) 

Can you smell BASMATI!!!

Happy Writing💪

Vibha Ke Alfaaz-II


Traveling Back to Our Childhood...

कही सुबह का गड-गड कुल्ला 

कही चूड़ी की मीठी खनखन 

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें 

कहा गया मेरा बचपन?

कंधो पर रहता था बस 

मस्ती से भरा एक बस्ता 

पत्थर के साथ फुटबॉल खेलते 

निकल जाता था पूरा रस्ता 

 घर पहुँचते तोह रोटी की खुशबु 

दिलो-दिमाग को खुश कर देती 

पिता 'नंबर' पूछे उससे पहले 

माँ भरपेट खाना खिलाती 

क़यामत से कितना भी मांगो 

नंबर क्यों आते थे कम?

'बापू को तुम शांत रखना'

कहके माँ को लगते मख्खन 

'बड़े होकर तुम क्या बनोगे?'

होती पिता से यही अनबन 

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें 

कहा गया मेरा बचपन?

बगल वाली आंटी के घर 

दीवाल कूद कूद कर जाते 

वाह वाह आंटी वाह वाह आंटी कहके 

नए नए पकवान बनवाते 

'चल बदमाश' कहती वह हस के 

खुश होती पर मन ही मन 

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें 

कहा गया मेरा बचपन?

कभी हेलीकाप्टर कभी लूडो 

तोह कभी ले आते पापा फौजी की गन 

खिलोने से तोह भर जाती टोकरी 

नहीं भरता पर हमारा मन 

सब मिलकर  जाते थे  पिकनिक 

कभी चाट पकोड़ी कभी गार्डन 

अंताक्षरी की महफ़िल लगती 

कभी रम जाते थे भजन 

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें 

कहा गया मेरा बचपन?

राह देखा करते थे की 

कब आएगी उजली दिवाली 

पापा लाते नए कपडे और पटाखे 

माँ बनाती पेठा और सुहाली 

चहचहाते हुए घर में 

साथ करते पूजा हवन 

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें 

कहा गया मेरा बचपन?

दादा दादी का लाड था घर में 

सब करते उनको नमन 

मिलकर देखा करते थे संडे की संडे 

महाभारत और रामायण 

 घर का एक सदस्य जो  न भूला 

मेरे आँगन को वह झूला 

सररर सररर जब उचे जाए 

बढ़ जाती माँ की धड़कन  

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें 

कहा गया मेरा बचपन?

बर्थडे पर होती थी मनुहार 

मिलते थे बोहोत उपहार 

दोस्ती की टोली साथ झूमती गाती 

इठलाते हम यु बनठन 

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें 

कहा गया मेरा बचपन?

संक्रांति की बात कुछ और 

चाचू लाते पतंग और डोर 

पहुंच जाते छत पर तड़के भोर 

रंग बिरंगी अँखियाँ चारो ओर 

'काई -पो-छे !' की गडगडाहट से 

गूँज उठता था ये गगन 

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें

 कहा गया मेरा बचपन?

न होता तब मोबाइल 

न होता फेसबुक पे प्रोफाइल 

फिर भी रहती हमेशा 

चेहरे पर प्यारी सी स्माइल 

सस्ती सुन्दर टिकाऊ ज़िन्दगी 

न था ये झमेला कभी 

अरे..... 'वन टू का फोर , फोर टू  का वन '

कहा गयी वह आवाज़ें 

कहा गया मेरा बचपन?


स्पेशल थैंक्स टू योगेश सिंघानिया 

Saturday, 5 September 2020

A Tribute to My Teachers


VibzContentCart wishes its all readers a 


We all have fond memories of our teachers. Good or bad, we still remember them as one of the key people in whose presence our childhood blossomed and our blinking eyes discovered the world around us.  How can we forget the first day of our school? I am sure most of us have felt as if we are never going to come back home. And we cried to the top of our voice to express our unwillingness to spend a few hours in school. 

Well, that is the very first encounter we have with this soul called 'Teacher'. 

In the nursery division, I could still remember a flurry of teachers and ayammas running around us with a hope that at least that will divert us from crying. Precipitation of tears from the eyes and the cloudy discharge from nostrils used to get mixed at the end of the chin and then flow with greater velocity on the shirt. Unfortunately, the napkin pinned to the shirt could only take care of one side discharge.  Alas! those days, no one knew about tissue papers. So it was like running with newspaper bits, waste cloth, a forgotten pant/T-shirt of an ex-student was kept handy to take care of all sorts of discharge. Teacher, proxy parent, ayamma...how could you do it all in one go...? 

May be our first superheroes!

So now, from that continuous ranting, we grow into singing chartbusters. Our love for singing started at school. First the assembly choir, then the pledge in a fixed ringtone, and finally the rhythmic salutation of  'Good Morning Teacher'.  I don't know about these days. But yes, in our days, we used to make sure to keep one flower in our garden reserved for the class teacher. Flower to the teacher, envy of the rest in class. 

The favourite student was as good as a 'pet student' whom no one else loved to pet in real sense.

The memories are endless. Nursery to school. School to College. Yes, yes, by the time we enter college, we are now more daring, and apart from class time-table, now we also have a class bunk time-table ready with us. School teachers miss us. We start feeling nostalgic for them. College teachers mentor us. They are so much more than the typical teacher in the class. They keep guiding us till we touch our feet to the first milestone outside academics, a job. 

Well, I don't know why I am writing this. Perhaps it's just recollecting my 'moments' with 'my teachers'.
I am lucky to keep in touch with many of my school teachers. A few are not there now.  My heartfelt tribute to them. 

Not to forget, my wishes and sincere greetings also to parents, guardians, friends, seniors and life. 
We learn a lot from all of them. We are what we learn. 

Ending up with heartfelt gratitude to all TEACHERS,

Vibha Gupta

Author, vibzcontentcart.com


Veerangna Ki Awaaz

  VibzContentCart wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day! वीरांगना की आवाज़  हम क्या शिकवा करे, क्या मन्नत करें उनसे जो किसी और पर मर मिटे...