Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Wishes - My Secret Friend



There are times when my mind and heart,
Sweep away to the Tinsel Town,
Exploring the world around...
With their own eyes and feelings.

Me the soul, in between all of them,
Like the blue water and busy fishes..
Close my eyes to see my inner world,
And have a date with my wishes.

Like the magic red carpet,
My wishes fly me on cloud nine;
A moment of teenage blush,
A  moment of carefree smile,
Aren't they best friend of mind?

The skin might have withered,
And my joints complain, but not my wishes;
They are still young and beautiful,
To keep me alive, it is not just blood,
Life thrives when wishes are the fuel.

Tell me almighty, how long is my stay,
On this soil, making hay
I want to live up to my wishes
Before my breaths give away.

Promise me, God, that I will get time
To dance in the rain and smile,
To meet the soul and say goodbye;
To be the woman who doesn't shy. 

Who doesn't has to ask the world,
If she can fulfill her wishes?
She is finally living them all...
Before the 'unknown' she gets lost in ashes.











Saturday, 24 October 2020

The Book Lounge: Visionary Leadership in Crisis

"If we see nothing else, apart from the crisis,
We would see only desert, and not the oasis"

Procrastination does not work every time. What works is our actions and proactiveness. 
The very nature of any crisis is uncertainty and an indefinite period of its reign. The pandemic shook the global administration, business scene, social and economic strata. We still may be, do not know the upcoming chapters of this crisis.  

There is a lot to relearn from history and there is a lot to unlearn so that we can adapt quickly to the changed scenario. 

The world is on the rapid lookout for solutions that assure sustainability, continuity, and primordial recovery from the crisis.

In such a challenging scenario, the key questions that surface every now and then are:

  • What lessons do we learn from the history of crisis management?
  • What are the traditional practices that have become redundant in terms of crisis management in present times?
  • What strategies underlie the futuristic administrative plans by governments globally?
  • How global business leaders are responding to the crisis and what is the strategic road map to deal with it? 
The quest of finding answers to these questions made me eager to collaborate as a contributor,  with reverent Prof. S.P. Garg. A man whose stature as a notable author, powerful keynote speaker, and transformer, and a veteran in the corporate and academic ground of management, is well deserved.

Proud to present a book that is a comprehensive compilation of in-depth research, observations, and meticulous analysis of crisis management: 

"Visionary Leadership in Crisis"

Visionary Leadership in Crisis

The book unravels the social, political, economical, and business challenges, the role of leadership in addressing the crisis, and organizational endeavors to cope up with the changing work structures and workforce management. 

Every chapter addresses the ultimate goal of understanding the visionary role of leadership in streamlining the resources and organizations to accept the new order of execution, as well as prepare for the post-crisis period. 

The book in its simple, lucid, and easy to understand language, will enlighten multiple facets of crisis management by touching upon the contemporary issues and balance it with highlights of social and corporate intelligence needs. 

Get unparalleled access to the visionary outlook of global leaders, management consultants, and practitioners. 

To all corporate leaders, managers, academic professionals, faculty, non-profit organizations, policymakers, government agencies, entrepreneurs, social entities, working executives, and every individual interested in the dynamics of global business,  "this book is for you".

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

I sincerely thank Prof. S.P Garg for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this amazing journey and do my best as a contributor cum reviewer for the book chapters. 

Awaiting reviews, feedback, and suggestions from our esteemed reader fraternity. Also eagerly looking forward to another power-packed forthcoming edition, for 'the show must go on'!

Vibha Gupta

Saturday, 17 October 2020

'Meri Biwi'- Fursat ke Khayal


Hindi Poetry on Wife

मेरी बीवी 

वोह अनोखी वोह अद्भुत वोह चंचल 

नहीं बना पायेगा जिसका कोई cv 

इकलौती  वोह, मेरी दुनिया वोह 

कुछ ऐसी ही है जी 'मेरी बीवी' 

सुबह चाय के पतीले से बात करती 

कहती उससे जल्दी बन जाना 

नाश्ता टिफ़िन सब का बनाके 

मुझे भी तोह है दफ्तर जाना 

'टाइम्स ऑफ़ इंडिया' क्या पढू जी 

खबरों से भरा वह चलता फिरता  tv 

कुछ ऐसी ही है जी 'मेरी बीवी' 

पार्टी में उन्हें जाना हो जब 

कपड़ो की कंगाली याद आये तब 

"क्या पह्नु जी कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा 

पुराना  फैशन अब नहीं भा रहा"

तैयार वह हो, तोह सो जाती घडी 

कुछ ऐसी ही है जी 'मेरी बीवी' 

बच्चे की जो परीक्षा आये 

सर पर शिकन उनके भमराये 

बुखार उनका हम पल-पल नापे 

विस्फोट की गूँज से थर-थर काँपे 

परीक्षा नहीं है ये विपदा बड़ी 

कुछ ऐसी ही है जी 'मेरी बीवी' 

चिल्लाती भी वोह , सुनती भी वोह 

किचन में भी वोह, दफ्तर में भी वोह 

मायके तोह हसी ख़ुशी भेज देता 

पर ध्यान तोह वही रखती सबका 

मन न लगे और दिन बन जाए सजा कड़ी 

कुछ ऐसी ही है जी 'मेरी बीवी' 

अरे खुशकिस्मत हु जो उन्हें पाया 

हमसफ़र में ही दोस्त को पाया 

हां, कभी कभी वह बिगड़ जाती है 

जैसे मोटर कोई ख़राब हो जाती है 

जो न आता हमें उनको मानना 

पकवानो के तारीफ के पुल बांधना 

तोह खाते संडे को सिर्फ सलाद ककड़ी 

कुछ ऐसी ही है  जी 'मेरी बीवी'


उनके बारे में सुना आपने, आभार 

उन्ही से तोह रोशन है मेरा यह संसार 

कुछ खट्टी, कुछ मीठी इस कवी की आपबीती 

विदा लेता हु आपसे अब, बुला रही वोह  अब 

गरम चाय की प्याली और बातों की लड़ी 

कुछ ऐसी ही है जी   बीवी 'मेरी बीवी'

'नाम गुमनाम ही रहे तोह अच्छा है'












Monday, 12 October 2020

7 Quick Do's To Make The New Normal Absolutely Normal For You!

How to Stay Productive

Screen hooked? Insomniac? Feeling....ugghhhhh....something that cannot be described?? 
Welcome then!

The new normal is normal now. Or were we normal earlier? 

Before we brood on such tricky questions, what was 'normal' after all!

At home or at the office, the work more or less remains the same. 

It is the same routine of brushing home chores, whipping breakfast, and rushing to our respective room corners (the new cubicles) for the day!

What actually affected our mindset is the merging of everything. 

Professional and personal all on a single platter. The flying arcs of internet ruling the day.

As the world is gusting over 'increased mental stress' in the new 'normal' let us bounce to the 

7 Quick Do's to Make the New Normal Absolutely Normal for YOU...

Take # 1

Nature I Love You

We are humans. That is exactly why our ears are missing the same irritating honking of racing wheels stuck in a jam on the road while commuting to the office. 

But trust me! You got this one time opportunity to treat your ears and senses with healing sounds of morning birds, fresh air, and relaxed plants. 

Spending time with nature
                                                                                     Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Make it a habit that at least 5 minutes you sit in your balcony with your hot cuppa of tea or coffee or better in the community garden to be with nature.

Another quick advantage of sitting in a community garden is exchanging smiles. Yes, this regular exchange of free smiles with community people can actually make a 'socially distant' you feel that all are...together.

Take # 2

Laughter Lip Exercise

Give external speaking a rest. Give your thumping brain a rest. 

It is time to speak internally with heart and have a carefree talk with someone who can give you a good dose of laughter. 

Family Calling
                                                                                    Image Courtesy: FreePik

Talking frequently to friends off the screen can really make you feel connected with the world. 
Laughing off the problems is the best way to refresh and return to the desk with a rebooted mind. 

No time to connect? Easy going stand-up comedy on the rescue! 

Not to forget, turning the 'child' in you on and roll with your kiddo under the table to crack a joke. 

Take # 3

Flexitable YES. Timetable NO!!

7 days in a week. 24 hours in a day. 6 months down the line, your day must be very much fixed and every hour literally labeled with the activities of the day. 

Right in the middle of the week, you slow down and the 'routine' is disturbed. First day ok. On the second day, you feel not good. On the third day, you feel bad. On the fourth day, you are an agitated pool. 

Flexible Time Table

Do not be rigid with a time-table. Embrace the new normal where flexibility is the key. 
Keep minimal indispensable fixed things to irk you if disturbed. 

Mondays don't have to be herculean. Saturdays is not the only day for your freedom. 
Apart from work hours, treat every hour to what it deserves best and not impose an undesirable chore or activity. 

Unwinding yourself from the clock for a while can ease you and make you feel way better!

Take # 4

Kindle the Inner Passion

The best positives of the new normal is a platter of creative arts, heart quenching recipes, restored mini-gardens, and what not! 

We are now more aware of the places where we live, and it has become of far more value rather than our retiring dome after a hectic day. 

Mini creative bursts with family or in your own home studio, in between, will help you keep miles away from blisters and stress pimples!

Give yourself an invigorating screen-free break.  Short but rejuvenating. 

Take # 5

The Three Boxes of Priority

Crack your routine of the whole week into 3 important boxes which if filled regularly will keep you at bay from all sorts of paranoia. 

How to set priorities?

Box 1: Your work priorities. List down your top 5 work priorities for the week and paste it somewhere. 

Box 2: Your family priorities: Chart out absolute no screen 'family hours' for the week. There is no need to be high on this. Keep it to the minimum possible based on your regular schedules. So that it can be fulfilled and gives you bright satisfaction.

Box 3: Your 'Me' Time: Remember to not ignore it. This is equally important as the other two. This time slot will be when you can finish up with personal grooming, sorting, or anything that is a stress buster for you. The more happy you, the more manageable things become. 

Take # 6

Move Your Body

We all know the benefits of exercise. 

But only those who didn't put their sneakers on yet, know how much effort it takes to be regular with exercise. Late night work, home chores, the family simply take a toll on you to spare you for a walk. 

In such a situation make a 7-minute rule. Do not start with exercise. Start with minor stretching of limbs, shoulders, neck, and toes. 

stretching at home
Image Courtesy: American Stroke Association

7 minutes can really do wonders by making your long hour sitting pain-free and comfortable. 

Here is a quick video tutorial for your 7 min stretch! Get Set Go! 

Gradually the stretching will improve your body posture and prompt you to go to level 2!

Struggling for quick fixes and great ideas in office?? 

An early morning walk can be a pool of fresh ideas, stress-busting reactions in your body, and a gesture of gratitude to your body and skin. 

Take # 7

Believe in Normal. Stop Procrastinating

Though times are quite uncertain, DO NOT let the golden time wash away in procrastination. 

School re-openings are like a matter of forever guesswork. 

                                                                           Image Courtesy: Quartz

Rather than focusing on what is going to happen ahead, believe in the present, accept it, and plan your moves accordingly. 

Unless we are not normal, we can't define the changing scenarios as normal. 

Positivity is the only cushion to safeguard you against all hardships. 

Let the time gone be not a matter of regret later. Live It. Enjoy It!

There is no perfect theory or recipe for busting the accompanying stress. 
But there are remedies for sure. 
Widely accepted, tried, and tested these 7 quick fixes can go a long way in alleviating the unsettled mind and heart. 

Mask your worries. 

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay Cheerful!

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Open Your Heart!

Poem on Brotherhood and Equality

Open Your Heart💗

No one is Pluto; No one Mars; No one Sun,
We All are Equal, As Equal As Humans...
I and my Family is the World Though,
Can't We Share a Bit of That With Everyone??

Happiness and Rejoice are Unlimited...
It is YOU who is actually 'Restricted'!
Who Stops Yourself From Bonding...
To Just Corner Yourself & Feel That Longing?

The World is A platter of All and One,
Borders are Good on Land, Not in Us.
Still, We Divide, We Fight Over Lines,
Is 'NOT CARING', the Greatest Fuss!

It Takes Days and Months to Cover Miles,
It Takes a Flickr to Beam a Bright Smile!
Open Heart and Empathy is What We Want,
Pushing Each Other Back, You and I Can't.

Let Us All be Twinkling Starts Shining Bright,
Holding Hands We Reach New Heights!
Nor YOU....Nor I am the King of the Race,
Why Should a Human and Other Human Fight!!

To Grow, To Share, To Learn and Earn;
Our Family of the World is the Institution.
I and My Family is the World Though...
Can't We Share a Bit of  That With Everyone...??



Friday, 2 October 2020

5 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Mahatma Gandhi


5 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Mahatma Gandhi wishes all readers and well-wishers a very Happy Gandhi Jayanthi!

This year, 2nd October is on Friday. It has been a thing of rejoice for schools, students as well as working staff owing to the lonnnnnnngggg weekend of Fri-Sat-Sun. 

Though the reason, primarily behind which we are having a 'holiday', is slowly losing its charm.

 Do our children have any significant knowledge of our 'Father of Nation'? 

No,  we cannot afford to make them mug up an entire history of Gandhiji and his role during the freedom struggle. But what best can we do is to imbibe the 5 important lessons taught by Mahatma Gandhi to the world.

 Especially in the present era of uncertainty, these lessons are what can keep us sane and poised.

What are those? Let's have a look!

#1 Swatchta (Cleanliness) 

"Sanitation is more important than Independence"

Gandhiji was keen on making people understand that the virtue of maintaining cleanliness is not just limited to our households but also to our surroundings. 
One should have no shame and is equally accountable to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic, leaving aside personal interests. 
He insisted that the habits of daily hygiene and cleanliness should be inculcated in kids right from a young age. 
Ironically, do we really need a pandemic to understand the importance of keeping our streets clean, not spitting on them, or washing our hands frequently? 

If not, let us teach our kids to be more responsibly clean and nurture sanitation. 

#2 Be the Change

"Be the Change You want to see in the World."

It all starts with you. Gandhiji taught us to be more resilient and poised in the constantly changing world. Through his own life experiences, he set the road to stay determined, true to self, and act in a way we want others to act towards us. 

Children need to learn right from an early age the importance of their speech, behavior, and outlook towards things. 
To command respect, give respect. To find everything positive, find the positives first inside self. 

Lessons like this will help children retain their emotional composure especially in a world of constant comparisons and hostility. 

#3 Difference between Need and Greed

"The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed."

One of the key lessons taught by Gandhiji is to shun materialism and embrace content in satisfaction of the basic needs of life. 

The simple but value-rich lifestyle of Gandhiji is an example to be followed by today's generation living in a world where the time clock is ticking a war of resources, luxuries, and ownerships. 

Let them learn content and happiness in limited means so that they are not vulnerable to an unprecedented shortage or deprivation now or in the future. 

What is their reason for happiness? You or luxuries? Help them find out.

#4 Power of Love and Non-Violence

"An eye for an eye will only make the world blind."

Hunger, imprisonment, lathi-charge, and whatnot. 'Baapu' suffered it all but didn't even raise his arm or a weapon to protest against the British.  In the world of hostility, communal sparks, and rampant allegations on the bank of democracy, children need to learn a great deal of self-control and patience. 

The main ideology is to handle every wrong-doing by raising voice in a way that is understood and not countered by the opponent blindly. Raise the voice, not the hand. 

Let your children stay away from destructive feelings of revenge and retaliation. 
Their upbringing should infuse the feeling of love, forgiveness rather than being reflexive and agitated in an unfavorable situation. 

# 5 Be True, Say NO

"Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress."

Last, but not the least, Gandhiji inspired us to remain true to ourselves and not 'adulterate' our voice to please someone. 
In today's high-speed competitive world, it has been literally imposed on kids to be what they are not, just to stand out and seek attention. Is this their real happiness. 

Let them learn the art of saying 'no'. A clear-cut 'no' is a thousand times better than an unsure 'yes' which is leading to unhappiness. 

A 'true' smile on a child's face is worth it. 

Nothing is more important than being truthful, content, respectful, and calm. 

We sum up the life-changing lessons given by Gandhiji through this beautiful Gujarati poem 'Vaishno Jana to' composed by  Narsinh Mehta.

Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye je 
Peed paraayi jaane re 
Par-dukhkhe upkaar kare toye 
Man abhimaan na aane re (Vaishnava)

Sakal lok maan sahune vande 
Nindaa na kare keni re 
Vaach kaachh man nishchal raakhe 
Dhan-dhan janani teni re (Vaishnava)

Sam-drishti ne trishna tyaagi 
Par-stree jene maat re 
Jivha thaki asatya na bole 
Par-dhan nav jhaalee haath re (Vaishnava)

Moh-maaya vyaape nahi jene 
DriDh vairaagya jena man maan re 
Ram naam shoon taali laagi 
SakaL tirath tena tan maan re (Vaishnava)

VaN-lobhi ne kapat-rahit chhe 
Kaam-krodh nivaarya re 
BhaNe Narsaiyyo tenun darshan karta 
KuL ekoter taarya re (Vaishnava)


Veerangna Ki Awaaz

  VibzContentCart wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day! वीरांगना की आवाज़  हम क्या शिकवा करे, क्या मन्नत करें उनसे जो किसी और पर मर मिटे...