Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Wishes - My Secret Friend



There are times when my mind and heart,
Sweep away to the Tinsel Town,
Exploring the world around...
With their own eyes and feelings.

Me the soul, in between all of them,
Like the blue water and busy fishes..
Close my eyes to see my inner world,
And have a date with my wishes.

Like the magic red carpet,
My wishes fly me on cloud nine;
A moment of teenage blush,
A  moment of carefree smile,
Aren't they best friend of mind?

The skin might have withered,
And my joints complain, but not my wishes;
They are still young and beautiful,
To keep me alive, it is not just blood,
Life thrives when wishes are the fuel.

Tell me almighty, how long is my stay,
On this soil, making hay
I want to live up to my wishes
Before my breaths give away.

Promise me, God, that I will get time
To dance in the rain and smile,
To meet the soul and say goodbye;
To be the woman who doesn't shy. 

Who doesn't has to ask the world,
If she can fulfill her wishes?
She is finally living them all...
Before the 'unknown' she gets lost in ashes.











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