Saturday, 24 October 2020

The Book Lounge: Visionary Leadership in Crisis

"If we see nothing else, apart from the crisis,
We would see only desert, and not the oasis"

Procrastination does not work every time. What works is our actions and proactiveness. 
The very nature of any crisis is uncertainty and an indefinite period of its reign. The pandemic shook the global administration, business scene, social and economic strata. We still may be, do not know the upcoming chapters of this crisis.  

There is a lot to relearn from history and there is a lot to unlearn so that we can adapt quickly to the changed scenario. 

The world is on the rapid lookout for solutions that assure sustainability, continuity, and primordial recovery from the crisis.

In such a challenging scenario, the key questions that surface every now and then are:

  • What lessons do we learn from the history of crisis management?
  • What are the traditional practices that have become redundant in terms of crisis management in present times?
  • What strategies underlie the futuristic administrative plans by governments globally?
  • How global business leaders are responding to the crisis and what is the strategic road map to deal with it? 
The quest of finding answers to these questions made me eager to collaborate as a contributor,  with reverent Prof. S.P. Garg. A man whose stature as a notable author, powerful keynote speaker, and transformer, and a veteran in the corporate and academic ground of management, is well deserved.

Proud to present a book that is a comprehensive compilation of in-depth research, observations, and meticulous analysis of crisis management: 

"Visionary Leadership in Crisis"

Visionary Leadership in Crisis

The book unravels the social, political, economical, and business challenges, the role of leadership in addressing the crisis, and organizational endeavors to cope up with the changing work structures and workforce management. 

Every chapter addresses the ultimate goal of understanding the visionary role of leadership in streamlining the resources and organizations to accept the new order of execution, as well as prepare for the post-crisis period. 

The book in its simple, lucid, and easy to understand language, will enlighten multiple facets of crisis management by touching upon the contemporary issues and balance it with highlights of social and corporate intelligence needs. 

Get unparalleled access to the visionary outlook of global leaders, management consultants, and practitioners. 

To all corporate leaders, managers, academic professionals, faculty, non-profit organizations, policymakers, government agencies, entrepreneurs, social entities, working executives, and every individual interested in the dynamics of global business,  "this book is for you".

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

I sincerely thank Prof. S.P Garg for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this amazing journey and do my best as a contributor cum reviewer for the book chapters. 

Awaiting reviews, feedback, and suggestions from our esteemed reader fraternity. Also eagerly looking forward to another power-packed forthcoming edition, for 'the show must go on'!

Vibha Gupta


  1. Great work Vibha. Proud one !
    At such momentary viewpoint, such book is indeed needed in the society.
    The pandemic has changed everything - behaviours, work process, fears, mannerism....A good side and a bad side too.
    You took a good step 🏆✨

    1. Thanks a lot Colin for sharing your heartfelt appreciation for the book. I will try to touch upon more such topics.
      As you said, we did need a reflection of the current crisis times.
      Once again, thankyou!

  2. Wonderful Vibha. You have the power. Iof language. Very well narrated. All the best for the book to be a part of every leaders library

  3. Thankyou Kalpesh ji very much. Your continuous support and words of encouragement will always motivate me to keep going and come up with more innovative content.

  4. Congratulations Vibha! You have described the concepts beautifully. Indeed a must have book.
    Proud of you!

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