Friday, 25 December 2020

My Childhood Christmas Memories


December 24,2020 7:00 PM

Hey folks,

Christmas Eve is here. 

A few of you must be all pepped up with decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, filling stocking. 

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A few of you must be speed tapping Christmas messages in gadgets across your social circle. 

A few of you must be best enjoying, doing nothing, covid has done it all so nothing actually left for you to do! 

So to cut it short, everyone is up to something. 


Well, am here to chit-chat with my readers and share my childhood memories of Christmas. 

My entire schooling happened in Christian schools. No wonder the Christmas celebration was my yearly thing to look out for. 

I was no alien to carols, the big Christmas tree kept in the central podium of school,

the display of Jesus' birth all around the tree, the giant star on the top of that huge

tree oozing a festive spirit. 

But what I and my classmates awaited was the enormous honey cake cut in the assembly

and then distributed amidst all. 

A small but sweet celebration that continued for almost 15 years of my schooling and kept

adding to my childhood memories of Christmas.

I was somehow fascinated with the Church and the whole festive aura in and around the Church

during Christmas. 

Lighting candles, and doing unlimited handshakes with Santa (selfie fever was not existing that time),

singing carols with the Church Choir, and then ...the main thing!

Being a foodie how can I forget the awesome plum cakes made by my bestie, Bency's mother.

It was the best. 

No, those days we didn't have categories like egg or eggless!:)) 

It was only, ghar ka and bahaar ka cake. (homemade and outside cake)

Luring on those cakes was motivating enough to even dress up as Santa and reach to

Bency's home and have those brownies and cakes. 

Well well….let me come to the present. 

December 25, 2020

First of All, Merry Christmas to All. 

This year was testing enough. 

Some of us skyrocketed, some discovered self and some lost their everything. 

Dear Santa, 

Let this be not some fancy tale about you.

Please come.

Yes, we badly want you. 


Because, we need gifts of hope, recovery, stability, empathy, and love. 

Let the needy and deprived get a reason to smile

Let us love and take care of ourselves and our family for a while

What else from this year 2020 can we take?

Wish you all blessings and happiness cake!! 

Waiting For You,


Merry Christmas from

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