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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Thought Strings of July

Here I kick start days of July with thoughts, thoughts and, thoughts! Every day teaches us something new and that makes me zero down to a string of thought...
Let's get indulged!!!!!!

July 1, 2020 💖

"Let the countdown begin, to another month of anticipation, home station, and unlocked nation!"

July 2, 2020 💖

"There is a hell lot of difference between legal and illegal.....and wrong and right....can you get it clear please and stop the fight....?"

July 3, 2020 💖

"What makes an orange, orange, and a blueberry not blue.......?"

July 4, 2020 💖

"The problem with a stupid man.....except him, the whole world knows his problem......"

July 5, 2020 💖

"Need to vent out....but not getting the privacy? Start chopping onions...and take your time..."

July 6,2020 💖

"To 'let-go' is a virtue, not a sacrifice or adjustment. If you do it by force, the virtue disappears, which actually doesn't allows you to .....'let - go'..........."

July7, 2020 💖

" Attachment is the false armor, you think will support you in times of adversity."

July 8,2020 💖

"Sentiments matter not sensitiveness. Sentiments are logical. Sensitiveness is mere emotion riding at that point of time."

July 9, 2020 💖

"Someone's acceptance and rejection should not matter to you unless you are happy with yourself and you are accepting what you are. Thinking bad about self is as good as being the first to reject yourself!"

July 10,2020 💖

"The morning dew touches my feet, as I walk on the grass...and evoke me to the core...."

July 11,2020💖

" The sky can be pink too. If you fix the colors, where is the creativity!"

July 12,2020💖

" Silence is power, only when you use it to calm the situation, but not when you are vulnerable."


"Perfection is a myth which we all believe to be true!"

July 14,2020💖

"Selfie selfie on the wall, who is the beautiful of them all! ....Damn the selfie camera on the phone!"

July 15,2020💖

"She is a pedestrian for life, walking through the garbage, and picking valuable things, thrown by us...."

July 16, 2020💖

"Looks are deceptive in the short run. Only thoughts are receptive in the longer run."

July 17,2020💖

"Common sense is not so common. But a common man is. Until....he decides not to!!!"

July 18,2020💖

"It's fair' to conduct online classes, but not so 'lovely' to make a kid understand life on screen!"


"Longing is inevitable in a 'long' distance relationship, questioning the longevity of the relationship for long!"

July 20, 2020💖

"It's never late to start, if not the easy way....just kick it! physiology of a moped...physiology of life...."

July'21, 2020💖

" Life is indeed a bed of roses.....but the untrimmed roses....making you 'ouch'  at times!!!"

July'22, 2020💖

"Flaunting ego is as good as gifting a child a toy gift-packed in gold. Who's interested by the way!!!"

July'23, 2020💖

"What an irony! Separation can be a source of both grief and happiness!" 

July'24, 2020💖

"Let education 'enlighten' and not 'tighten' your hold over rank and marks! "

July'25, 2020💖

"Emotions blindfold practicality. "

July'26, 2020💖

"Creativity nourishes the soul."

July'27, 2020💖

"A mother can sound right or wrong at times, but never misguiding."

July'28, 2020💖

"Thoughts evaporate don't take everything seriously!"

July'29, 2020💖

"Setbacks should not push you to the backseat. Be the driver, strong and determined."

July'30, 2020💖

"Do your best and leave the rest to fall in its places!"

July'31, 2020💖

" July ends but not the thought process. See you soon!"

Sudha Murty - Redefining Perspective of Life!

Opulence. Money. Fame.

These all things categorically fall in her lap, as the co-founder of an Indian multi-national IT giant Infosys, wife of Narayan Murthy, a billionaire business tycoon,  as well as a chairperson of Infosys Foundation, a non-profit organization running social welfare programs under health, education, rural development and much more. 

Yes. We are talking about none other than Sudha Murty.

Source: Wikipedia

But the seemingly powerful introduction depicted above is not enough to define her caricature. She is someone who has crossed all recognition standards set by society. Her every role is a candidature that inspires and influences us. A queen of many extraordinary achievements in her glide. A  dedicated computer science and engineering teacher, who has set an example for many in terms of leveraging the educationist in her and empowering thousands of government schools in Karnataka with computer and library facilities. Her journey as an educator was the key milestone in giving her a far more distinctive identity; a writer. What more we see in her is a strong-willed woman, a practical human being, a true idol of class, and mutual respect. 

The Writer in Sudha Murty

Sudha Murty set the perfect example of how a 'guru' connects with the students. Her humble down to earth nature and the camaraderie exuded by her, whenever she was in the middle of her students in the class, made her cherished lecturer students looked forward to.  She connected through storytelling in the first ten minutes of her class. Her storytelling didn't stop and the love she got in return from her students prompted her to start writing stories. 

It was difficult to hold back. Sudha Murty discovered the inner call to write and with time it became her passion. Initially, her preferred language was Kannada. Later she started writing in Kannada and then translating them to English. Her fictional stories written for children soon became a roller coaster of vivid imagination, a trip to the mythological scene, fascinating drama, and life lessons. 

What was worth noting was her juggling with English. Till the age of 50, she only wrote in Kannada. Sudha Murty was not sure if her writing in English, would upbeat the classy version of an English Literature. But this didn't stop her. She continued to write in English. In 2002, she came up with her first English Book, 'Wise and Otherwise. She continued to serve the best of novels, technical books, travelogues, collection of short stories, and nonfictional works along with four books for children. 

Some of her notable works are 'Dollar Bahu', 'Gently Falls the Bakula' in Fiction, 'Wise & Otherwise', 'The Old Man and his God' (Non-fiction), and, 'How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories for Children. 

Source: Pinterest

Her unparalleled works made her the proud recipient of the R.K Narayan Award for Literature, Padma Shri in 2006, and Attimabbe Award from the government of Karnataka for excellence in Kannada Literature in 2011.

What makes Sudha Murty the 'writer next door'?

In an interview given to Hindustan Times, she expressed her desire to be the 'writer next door' for her readers. As a writer, she wanted to connect with her readers through her placid style of writing everyday stories and life experiences.  In yet another amusing interview by an eminent writer, politician and, international diplomat, Shashi Tharoor,  interestingly, she accepts her being against too much use of dictionaries, even though she respects the language and literature. She reasons it by saying that she doesn't want her readers to strangle with a dictionary for finding meanings of words every now and then, disrupting the flow of reading. She is much more interested in writing in a colloquial language and not use complex vocabulary. 

It is worth watching the cheerful writer in her and the natural positive vibe that comes out openly in the interview. 

Her viewpoint is very much evident in one of her classics, ' The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk', a heartwarming collection of real-life stories, a reading delight for all age groups.

A woman, practical human being and, an instrumental soul

Her own journey after engineering started new dimensions of equality and the welfare of society. She could not settle with the fact that only male applicants were entertained in TATA Motors. The rebel in her forced her to write a letter to JRD Tata, throwing light on the ongoing orthodox practice, and finally, she became the first woman engineer to be hired by TATA Motors.  
Even though a rock strong support for her husband Narayan Murthy, she always strived to build her own separated identity and never thought of leveraging the reputation of Infosys or being the co-founder as her identity. 
The woman in her commands huge respect, the moment she declared, " I would rather be remembered as an author as well as a social worker rather than the wife of a billionaire business tycoon."

Her practical observation of life is very inspirational. Not only on the professional front but also in personal life, her son and daughter in law reckon her as the source of positive radiance in the family. She believes in detachment rather than attachment that bounds and forces relations and rituals. Her ideology is to practice mutual respect and detaching self from expectations, overflow of emotions, and false attachment.

Her words on 'letting go' and relations:

" If you let go of the ones you love, they will never go away – 

this is the beauty of attachment with detachment! " 

Going strong at 69, Sudha Murty is the true epitome of 'simple living and high thinking'. Her easy-going nature resonates with her modesty and mission to serve society. From time to time, she has set many examples that shun the societal images of 'class', 'luxurious lifestyle', and 'freedom'. 

She continues to inspire us as a philanthropist, a teacher, a visionary, a successful businesswoman, a dedicated social activist, and a prolific writer next door.  This is not the End

After Feelings
Yes, this is certainly not the end.  There may be thousands of tabloids, articles, stories, videos that tell us about Sudha Murty. But none is perhaps complete or sufficient enough to describe an entity like Sudha Murty. She is a true inspiration for me and my quest to know more and more about her may never end. 

My heartful thanks to all the sources and references that made this short tribute possible and bring to my readers a brief glimpse of Sudha Murty. 


Saturday, 27 June 2020

Vibha ke Alfaaz - I

Welcome to the Jazbaat - Shayari and Poem Section of WhisperingWoods. Shayari and Poems simple convey the artistic bend of words soaked in emotions and thoughts. They don't have a fixed path....they just flow...straight from the heart....
Feel free to comment or review them. Want to contribute? Reach out to us in the comment section. We would love to feature you and showcase your 'jazbaat' here.


Muskurahat kisi ki jaagir nahi hoti....
Rone ki fitrat har kisi ki nahi hoti.
Kab tak jamate rahoge ye shikayaton ki mehfil..
Kab tak jamate rahoge ye shikayaton ki mehfil..
Khul kar jee lene ki parwangi nahi hoti.
Par bhool na jaana tum bhi insaan ho...
Kisi ke liye afsos toh kisi ke liye meherban ho.
Hasne aur rone ka tana baana chalta rahega...
Zindagi sir par utha rakhi hai...

Ye toh yu hi chalta rahega ...chalta rahega.


Muddatein ho gayi...

jaise guzar gaya ho zamana...

Dekha toh tumhe roz karte they, 

par shayad ab tumhe jaana.

Ye baatein aise hi satati rahengi,

 puraani yaadein humein jalati rahengi,
Kuch yaad karke ashq beh na nikle,

 kuch behtar hai yaad na kare warna chubhengi. 

Ab toh woh hi hai jo khairiyat puche, 

kab khatam ho ye "vibha" soche..
Mandir mein bus jise sajaa ke rakh diya, 

hua tumhe ehsaas..jab khud ko bandh kiya. 

Jala do aaj ek diya...lambi fursaton mein..

Kahi toh meherbaan hoga woh tumhari harkarton pe.....
tumhari harkaton pe .......


Nar ho ya naari vipda toh sab pe bhaari hai...
Koshishein bhi jaari hai, mukhote mein duniya saari hai..

'Door raho' yeh kehna...ab aasaan ho gaya..
Chup kar apne aap se hi milna...haalaton ka farmaan ban gaya..

Woh aaine ko dekhna, woh tayyar hokar itra chidakna..
Rozana ka ye drama...ab yaadon ka mohtaj ho gaya..

Dekh rahi hai 'vibha' auro ki pure falsafe ko...
Dhundh rahi hai khali basti mein kisi apne ko....kisi apne ko..


Aankhon mein aansu aur sama hai gamgeen...
Guftagu kya kare, ab shaam kaha haseen.

Uljhano ko suljhate hue nikal jayenge din..
Ab tak toh reh rahe they, thoda aur rehlenge unke bin.


Hari bhari hai ye roshan wadiyaan...
In waadiyon ki chuppi kuch..
keh rahi hai..
Dhoop mein nahake, apna ujla rang, 
Itra ke jaise bikher rahi hai. 

Inki khubsoorti ka kya kehna,
Ye toh inka haq hai..
Rahe humesha aabad aise hi..
Ye na ho toh jeevan narak hai.

Ae waadiyon.. bus yu sama lo mujhe..
Ki odh lu tumhe,
Aur ban jaaye 'Vibha' tumhari is tarah..
Ki kabhi na bhool paye ye lamhe. 


Yaado ka Falsafa Baarish ki boondein hai ya yaadon ka falsafa, Bhini mitti ki khushbu, kya raaz hai chupa.. Yaad aayi tumhari jab baadal chaaye.. Baarish hui ...dharti ko pyaar mila Aur main dekhti rahi jharokhe se... Yaado ka falsafa boondo mein simat jaaye Kabhi toh aaoge is baarish ki tarah Surk labon ko hasne ki mil jayegi wajah Jo na aaye .. To dekhti rahungi jharokhe se yu hi.. Ye boondein aur yaadon ka falsafa Baarish toh aayegi aur tham jayegi, Aankhen aur zameen nam ho jayegi...
Guzar na jaaye ye mausam jharokhe se hi .. Bheegne ka mauka mil jaye mujhe bhi... Aa jaao ki taak rahi hu rasta tumhara... Shayad na milu agle saal.... Jharokhe pe dobaara.... Mil jaungi mitti mein...tumhare intzar mein.. Tum le aana baarish mere pyar mein.. Mehsus karna mujhe us.... bhini mitti ki khusbu mein... Ban jaungi ye barish ka farmaan Aur tumhari yaadon ka falsafa...


Patjhad Ka Mausam

Jab din guzarte hai jaise koi patjhad ka mausam, Shaakh ho jaaye bezubaan, aankhen rahe num Padhne lagte hai hum haatho ki woh lakeer Jaise inme hi ho saare chupe raaz aur taqdeer
Intzaar rehta hai ki khatm ho jaaye ye patjhad

Bhar jaaye in bejaan adhoore shaakh ka daaman Phir se guzre haseen lamho se bhara din, Saansein sirf chale na, dobara jeene lage hum. Jeene lage hum. Khatm ho jaaye ye patjhad ka mausam...




Thursday, 25 June 2020

Bhaisaab Ki Samajhdhari!

Check Check! 1.....1....3....... Can some one go and turn the upper knob to start the TV and second knob to set the channel??

Thank You. We are good to roll. 


She is confident.
She is a home maker.
She seeks value for money product.
She is assertive.
She leads the scene by examples.
She loves bargaining.

Clad in a white saree with light blue floral print. Hair neatly tied in a bun. Forehead adorned with a typical big red bindi and two curly fringes of hair on either side.  Mesmerising expressions complete her facial aura.

The Unforgettable Scene  & Our BhaiSaab!

Vegetable Market. A  routine banter of bargaining between the vegetable vendor and her.  She effortlessly asserts to not pay a single penny more for vegetables. While the subziwale bhaiya is struggling with her bargaining, our beloved Bhaisaab's voice breaks the scene and mocks her for bargaining every time so much on one side and  purchasing an expensive detergent powder 'Surf' on the other side.  But will this go so easy with her? 

The very next moment, she starts presenting her reasoning to buy that washing powder against other available options with great confidence and convincing expressions. She strongly depicts how even after buying an expensive product she supports her decision based on the quality vs.quantity facts. After she is done, she comes back to subziwale bhaiya and resumes her trademark bargaining. The subziwale bhaiya literally surrenders to her wit and intellectual charm. Who is she?

Her identity is incomplete until she shoots the invisible Bhaisaab and the audience with her ultimate statement.

"Bhaisaab......Surf ki kharidari mein hi samajhdari hai!!"

Perhaps by now most of us know who we are talking about. 

One of the most popular fictional character of the Indian Advertising Industry, "Lalitaji" portrayed by Kavita Chaudhary. 
Little did Alyque Padamsee, the legend ad maker of Lintas knew, that what history this ad is going to create in the advertising industry of the 80's.
This ad was an epic reply to it's prime competitor 'Nirma' whose ads dazzled initially the viewers with jingles and charming models. 
Even though the Surf Ad had no catchy jingles or models. It still raced ahead whenever Lalitaji went on a mission to make Bhaisaab understand the concept of smart buying and not going for cheaper products.

Let us revisit the old lanes. Click on the link below to meet our Lalitaji! 

The raving popularity of Lalitaji proved that a homemaker's reasoning and experience is not a thing to challenge. Her daily dance with the resource management at home, makes her a buyer with a clear mindset and unbeatable oomph of confidence.

So Lalitaji succeeded in a big way in attracting a significant market share for Surf, amidst a deep neck competition. Her flawless easy going tone of  communicating made it look so natural that every home maker started to resonate with her thinking. The mental barrier to go for a costly detergent powder for the sake of good quality was broken.  

"Sasti Cheez kharidne mein aur Achchi Cheez Kharidne mein Fark hota hai!!"

This was the start. Lalitaji kept swaying the masses with her oomph and smartness in a series of ad campaigns. Her strong first impression helped in exemplifying her as a conscious mother in the later ads. The combination of a caring mother as well as a sorted finance manager at home, made her the face of Surf.

In short, with every incident, our beloved Bhaisaab became just more and more samajhdar! Thanks to Lalitaji!

Marketing Lens view🔍

The ad may be  decades old, but the marketing lessons delivered by this ad wave is applicable even today:
  • Value Proposition of a Product - If conveyed well using the right media, the audience would never take it as a preachy marketing gimmick and the value proposition sells.
  • Choice of right characters in ad: The choice of choosing a homemaker vouching for the product instead of jingles and models, played well. Lalitaji successfully represented the millions of homemakers who resonated with her and were convinced to go for an expensive product. 
  • Ad Concept: This played a significant role in making the surf ad popular. Pure focus on the product and logical explanation of the worth of the product. It also targeted the conscious buying of the consumers, Hence it targeted both ways: buying value for money product as well as conscious buying. A win-win situation. 


The image of Lalitaji is now immortalised and will remain a memorable face of 'Surf'. Her banter with Bhaisaab undoubtedly brings smile and races hearts till date.

Way back in 80's her character in the ad, inspired homemakers to be the chief decision makers, smart buying and confident management of household budget.  Women understood the importance of having their own voice and assertiveness in a male dominated world of those times. 

 She is a true inspiration in terms of an Ad Model. Perhaps the world literally forgot who is Kavita Chaudhary, the woman who played Lalitaji in the ad! 

Kavita Chaudhary later did two serials. Today she also owns a production house, but who knows all this? Her entire life got a irreplaceable cover of 'Lalitaji', who made our Bhaisaab samajhar!

A true ad icon. 

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Thought Strings

Welcome! Our daily interactions inspire us to zero down on few conclusions for the day. "Thought Strings" is a compilation of these thoughts, served to you as one of the Starters by Vibha. Enjoy and feel free to comment below.
Let the starters, roll the conversation. 

15th June'20

" Were you so weak and vulnerable...... that you  walked away before you talked......"


16th June'20

"What you find in an organisation characterised by fear management? Mute followers disguised as employers."


17th June'20

"Emotional Abuse is like that Bus, from which you can't get off even after knowing, it's NOT taking you to your destination."


18th June'20

"Carve your own identity, before someone else labels you."


19th June'20
" A solid mentor is like your in-person glasses. He makes the road ahead more clear for you and makes you see what you can't in his absence Your vision is improved."


20th June'20

"! Do really stories have an end? Let us understand that it is just a pause like a page break, and a new beginning of something. 
Next page please........"

22nd June'20

" this lock down  period...we both are directionless.
Who? ....Me and my eyebrow."


23rd June'20
" There is no definition of a mother's excitement. Just admire it!"


24th June'20
"More than the Covid....we are grappled in the fear of getting it....we can hide behind the masks...not the numbers..they are everywhere..."


25th June'20
" Deafening silence can be more fatal...than the chaos..."


26th June'20
" Some people talk very less. But they speak a lot...."


27th June'20
"When you listen to someone by heart, you not only absorb the words, you absorb  the encompassed meanings with the words.."


28th June'20
"The most difficult job in this world is to make someone smile.... You know why...because you yourself never had a heart felt smile."


29th June'20 
" Following others constantly can make you move ahead in the queue but not progress...."


30th June'20
"The irony is ...... the precursor of all great reforms is an injustice and tyranny somewhere..."

Sunday, 14 June 2020

This is not the End...

Today....we see an upside down world. 
The media is full of news that serves us a platter of anxieties, draculean numbers and uncertainty. 
We are inside our homes. 
That means, we are safe. 
But are we? 
Are we safe enough to not succumb to mental anxieties with increased exposure to these depressing news channels.
Its not wrong to stay updated. But its wrong to spread fear. 
Can anyone be held responsible for another existing silent pandemic called 'depression'? 
Yes, it is spreading, far more contagious than this Covid-19...far more powerful as it won't ask for a lock down at home. It will spread, when you are in a mental lockdown. Do not trap your woes and let the woes stay as parasite eating you up. 

If you really care....share. 

 Let us pledge to shun ourselves from negativity. Let us spread good deeds, positivity, gratitude and stay away from criticism. Let us talk. 
Spend your time in loving yourself. Do something good for you..just you...everyday. 
Think less...act more.
Worry less...ignore more.
Many of us may be...are not able to vent out in these testing times. 
Let us support this. Its ok to have anxieties...but its not ok to run away from them...thinking of them as mood swings. 

I urge my readers to come in support and share reliable verified helpline numbers, links that can be used to reach out, when one really needs to talk it out. 

Thankyou....stay blessed and positive..

Vibha Gupta

Friday, 5 June 2020

World Environment Day 2020🌳🌿🌊🌦️🌍

Greetings from Whispering Woodz🌱

June 5 is celebrated every year as "World Environment Day" across the globe. Started as an intiative by United Nations, this day seeks to raise awareness and infuse us with a more responsible attitude towards our environment.

Every year on this day we analyse the major environmental issues like Global Warming, Pollution, Landslides, Water Conservation, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Balance and much more. 

Unlike every year while we are struggling on raising concerns related to environment, this year a slight tint of positivity is being noticed. The ongoing pandemic has consequently led to significant reduction in human activities owing to lock down. Less usage of vehicles, shutting down of the industries, reduction in disposal of plastics, closure of restaurant, restricted disposal of untreated waste into water bodies has all led to cleaner air, transparent sparkling waters and improved vegetation. 

But does that mean that environmental improvement is possible only when humans are restricted/caged by a threatening biological cause? 
How long can we impose such restrictions? 
Once the situation normalises, are we going to again ignore our environment? 

Think About It.

Vibha Gupta🌿

Veerangna Ki Awaaz

  VibzContentCart wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day! वीरांगना की आवाज़  हम क्या शिकवा करे, क्या मन्नत करें उनसे जो किसी और पर मर मिटे...