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Monday, 12 October 2020

7 Quick Do's To Make The New Normal Absolutely Normal For You!

How to Stay Productive

Screen hooked? Insomniac? Feeling....ugghhhhh....something that cannot be described?? 
Welcome then!

The new normal is normal now. Or were we normal earlier? 

Before we brood on such tricky questions, what was 'normal' after all!

At home or at the office, the work more or less remains the same. 

It is the same routine of brushing home chores, whipping breakfast, and rushing to our respective room corners (the new cubicles) for the day!

What actually affected our mindset is the merging of everything. 

Professional and personal all on a single platter. The flying arcs of internet ruling the day.

As the world is gusting over 'increased mental stress' in the new 'normal' let us bounce to the 

7 Quick Do's to Make the New Normal Absolutely Normal for YOU...

Take # 1

Nature I Love You

We are humans. That is exactly why our ears are missing the same irritating honking of racing wheels stuck in a jam on the road while commuting to the office. 

But trust me! You got this one time opportunity to treat your ears and senses with healing sounds of morning birds, fresh air, and relaxed plants. 

Spending time with nature
                                                                                     Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Make it a habit that at least 5 minutes you sit in your balcony with your hot cuppa of tea or coffee or better in the community garden to be with nature.

Another quick advantage of sitting in a community garden is exchanging smiles. Yes, this regular exchange of free smiles with community people can actually make a 'socially distant' you feel that all are...together.

Take # 2

Laughter Lip Exercise

Give external speaking a rest. Give your thumping brain a rest. 

It is time to speak internally with heart and have a carefree talk with someone who can give you a good dose of laughter. 

Family Calling
                                                                                    Image Courtesy: FreePik

Talking frequently to friends off the screen can really make you feel connected with the world. 
Laughing off the problems is the best way to refresh and return to the desk with a rebooted mind. 

No time to connect? Easy going stand-up comedy on the rescue! 

Not to forget, turning the 'child' in you on and roll with your kiddo under the table to crack a joke. 

Take # 3

Flexitable YES. Timetable NO!!

7 days in a week. 24 hours in a day. 6 months down the line, your day must be very much fixed and every hour literally labeled with the activities of the day. 

Right in the middle of the week, you slow down and the 'routine' is disturbed. First day ok. On the second day, you feel not good. On the third day, you feel bad. On the fourth day, you are an agitated pool. 

Flexible Time Table

Do not be rigid with a time-table. Embrace the new normal where flexibility is the key. 
Keep minimal indispensable fixed things to irk you if disturbed. 

Mondays don't have to be herculean. Saturdays is not the only day for your freedom. 
Apart from work hours, treat every hour to what it deserves best and not impose an undesirable chore or activity. 

Unwinding yourself from the clock for a while can ease you and make you feel way better!

Take # 4

Kindle the Inner Passion

The best positives of the new normal is a platter of creative arts, heart quenching recipes, restored mini-gardens, and what not! 

We are now more aware of the places where we live, and it has become of far more value rather than our retiring dome after a hectic day. 

Mini creative bursts with family or in your own home studio, in between, will help you keep miles away from blisters and stress pimples!

Give yourself an invigorating screen-free break.  Short but rejuvenating. 

Take # 5

The Three Boxes of Priority

Crack your routine of the whole week into 3 important boxes which if filled regularly will keep you at bay from all sorts of paranoia. 

How to set priorities?

Box 1: Your work priorities. List down your top 5 work priorities for the week and paste it somewhere. 

Box 2: Your family priorities: Chart out absolute no screen 'family hours' for the week. There is no need to be high on this. Keep it to the minimum possible based on your regular schedules. So that it can be fulfilled and gives you bright satisfaction.

Box 3: Your 'Me' Time: Remember to not ignore it. This is equally important as the other two. This time slot will be when you can finish up with personal grooming, sorting, or anything that is a stress buster for you. The more happy you, the more manageable things become. 

Take # 6

Move Your Body

We all know the benefits of exercise. 

But only those who didn't put their sneakers on yet, know how much effort it takes to be regular with exercise. Late night work, home chores, the family simply take a toll on you to spare you for a walk. 

In such a situation make a 7-minute rule. Do not start with exercise. Start with minor stretching of limbs, shoulders, neck, and toes. 

stretching at home
Image Courtesy: American Stroke Association

7 minutes can really do wonders by making your long hour sitting pain-free and comfortable. 

Here is a quick video tutorial for your 7 min stretch! Get Set Go! 

Gradually the stretching will improve your body posture and prompt you to go to level 2!

Struggling for quick fixes and great ideas in office?? 

An early morning walk can be a pool of fresh ideas, stress-busting reactions in your body, and a gesture of gratitude to your body and skin. 

Take # 7

Believe in Normal. Stop Procrastinating

Though times are quite uncertain, DO NOT let the golden time wash away in procrastination. 

School re-openings are like a matter of forever guesswork. 

                                                                           Image Courtesy: Quartz

Rather than focusing on what is going to happen ahead, believe in the present, accept it, and plan your moves accordingly. 

Unless we are not normal, we can't define the changing scenarios as normal. 

Positivity is the only cushion to safeguard you against all hardships. 

Let the time gone be not a matter of regret later. Live It. Enjoy It!

There is no perfect theory or recipe for busting the accompanying stress. 
But there are remedies for sure. 
Widely accepted, tried, and tested these 7 quick fixes can go a long way in alleviating the unsettled mind and heart. 

Mask your worries. 

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay Cheerful!

Friday, 2 October 2020

5 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Mahatma Gandhi


5 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Mahatma Gandhi wishes all readers and well-wishers a very Happy Gandhi Jayanthi!

This year, 2nd October is on Friday. It has been a thing of rejoice for schools, students as well as working staff owing to the lonnnnnnngggg weekend of Fri-Sat-Sun. 

Though the reason, primarily behind which we are having a 'holiday', is slowly losing its charm.

 Do our children have any significant knowledge of our 'Father of Nation'? 

No,  we cannot afford to make them mug up an entire history of Gandhiji and his role during the freedom struggle. But what best can we do is to imbibe the 5 important lessons taught by Mahatma Gandhi to the world.

 Especially in the present era of uncertainty, these lessons are what can keep us sane and poised.

What are those? Let's have a look!

#1 Swatchta (Cleanliness) 

"Sanitation is more important than Independence"

Gandhiji was keen on making people understand that the virtue of maintaining cleanliness is not just limited to our households but also to our surroundings. 
One should have no shame and is equally accountable to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic, leaving aside personal interests. 
He insisted that the habits of daily hygiene and cleanliness should be inculcated in kids right from a young age. 
Ironically, do we really need a pandemic to understand the importance of keeping our streets clean, not spitting on them, or washing our hands frequently? 

If not, let us teach our kids to be more responsibly clean and nurture sanitation. 

#2 Be the Change

"Be the Change You want to see in the World."

It all starts with you. Gandhiji taught us to be more resilient and poised in the constantly changing world. Through his own life experiences, he set the road to stay determined, true to self, and act in a way we want others to act towards us. 

Children need to learn right from an early age the importance of their speech, behavior, and outlook towards things. 
To command respect, give respect. To find everything positive, find the positives first inside self. 

Lessons like this will help children retain their emotional composure especially in a world of constant comparisons and hostility. 

#3 Difference between Need and Greed

"The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed."

One of the key lessons taught by Gandhiji is to shun materialism and embrace content in satisfaction of the basic needs of life. 

The simple but value-rich lifestyle of Gandhiji is an example to be followed by today's generation living in a world where the time clock is ticking a war of resources, luxuries, and ownerships. 

Let them learn content and happiness in limited means so that they are not vulnerable to an unprecedented shortage or deprivation now or in the future. 

What is their reason for happiness? You or luxuries? Help them find out.

#4 Power of Love and Non-Violence

"An eye for an eye will only make the world blind."

Hunger, imprisonment, lathi-charge, and whatnot. 'Baapu' suffered it all but didn't even raise his arm or a weapon to protest against the British.  In the world of hostility, communal sparks, and rampant allegations on the bank of democracy, children need to learn a great deal of self-control and patience. 

The main ideology is to handle every wrong-doing by raising voice in a way that is understood and not countered by the opponent blindly. Raise the voice, not the hand. 

Let your children stay away from destructive feelings of revenge and retaliation. 
Their upbringing should infuse the feeling of love, forgiveness rather than being reflexive and agitated in an unfavorable situation. 

# 5 Be True, Say NO

"Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress."

Last, but not the least, Gandhiji inspired us to remain true to ourselves and not 'adulterate' our voice to please someone. 
In today's high-speed competitive world, it has been literally imposed on kids to be what they are not, just to stand out and seek attention. Is this their real happiness. 

Let them learn the art of saying 'no'. A clear-cut 'no' is a thousand times better than an unsure 'yes' which is leading to unhappiness. 

A 'true' smile on a child's face is worth it. 

Nothing is more important than being truthful, content, respectful, and calm. 

We sum up the life-changing lessons given by Gandhiji through this beautiful Gujarati poem 'Vaishno Jana to' composed by  Narsinh Mehta.

Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye je 
Peed paraayi jaane re 
Par-dukhkhe upkaar kare toye 
Man abhimaan na aane re (Vaishnava)

Sakal lok maan sahune vande 
Nindaa na kare keni re 
Vaach kaachh man nishchal raakhe 
Dhan-dhan janani teni re (Vaishnava)

Sam-drishti ne trishna tyaagi 
Par-stree jene maat re 
Jivha thaki asatya na bole 
Par-dhan nav jhaalee haath re (Vaishnava)

Moh-maaya vyaape nahi jene 
DriDh vairaagya jena man maan re 
Ram naam shoon taali laagi 
SakaL tirath tena tan maan re (Vaishnava)

VaN-lobhi ne kapat-rahit chhe 
Kaam-krodh nivaarya re 
BhaNe Narsaiyyo tenun darshan karta 
KuL ekoter taarya re (Vaishnava)


Friday, 28 August 2020

Did You Find Your MOJO Moment?

Sitting in the corner with empty eyes,

Letting my desires ferment...

Give up home & feel the undesirable despair,

Did life showed up with such an agreement..??

If no..then what is stopping you!

Privileged to bear daily torment ??

Work out the fears, begin the quest of calm,

For that is why YOU are God Sent!

A penny in the pocket, a cookie in the bag,

Mini surprises that made you mad...

Sitting empty today in the middle of luxury,

What you have....What you had.

Let your smile be the sword,

Make every evil bruised and bent,

Find! Meet! Talk! Shout...Connect!

Let's dance to the tune of MOJO Moment!

The oldies, the buddies, the best of friends,

The careless smiles came and went. 

Hey....can you open the forbidden book again....?

Yellowish Hue & that odor of nostalgia...Ummm.

Tickles your heart...

With .....a MOJO Moment!

Loosen yourself, laugh at yourself,

A short break is good from the daily rant!

Its time to bring the penny & cookie back in the pocket,

For that is your MOJO moment!

- Vibha Gupta


Saturday, 15 August 2020

My Bow to Pillars of Security

VibzContentCart wishes its all readers a 

The celebration is incomplete without paying tribute to our soldiers, who are at the frontier, determined to protect our country. A short tribute to those...ready to die so that we can live.....

Standing tall and at the front,

To bear every first evil brunt…

Vigilance is like your heartbeat,

Ready to battle and achieve the feat.

To the sons and daughters of the country…

My bow to the pillars of security...


You find your abode away from home,

In deep waters, rough terrains and blue sky

Valour and discipline in your every nerve,

Defensive and fearless, when eye to eye.

To the epitome of bravery and integrity...

My bow to the pillars of security.


Every new day, every new sunrise,

May just turn out to be the day of sacrifice. still wear that smile and pride,

Embracing battles and uncertain tides.

Love for nation is your only identity,

My bow to the pillars of security.


Homecoming in ages, is a new life,

Which perhaps would none of us realise,

Unending moments with family, not so common,

Gives up everything, hearing motherlands summon.

Born to die for the sake of nation’s safety,

My bow to the pillars of security.


When on borders, the diversity fades

Laughing and crying along with comrades

Destroying every obstruction that comes in way

‘That’s how we live!” the bravoes say.

Celebrating the true spirit of daredevil unity...

My bows to the pillars of security.


-        Vibha Gupta


We salute you!!!!

Jai hind


Saturday, 4 July 2020

Sudha Murty - Redefining Perspective of Life!

Opulence. Money. Fame.

These all things categorically fall in her lap, as the co-founder of an Indian multi-national IT giant Infosys, wife of Narayan Murthy, a billionaire business tycoon,  as well as a chairperson of Infosys Foundation, a non-profit organization running social welfare programs under health, education, rural development and much more. 

Yes. We are talking about none other than Sudha Murty.

Source: Wikipedia

But the seemingly powerful introduction depicted above is not enough to define her caricature. She is someone who has crossed all recognition standards set by society. Her every role is a candidature that inspires and influences us. A queen of many extraordinary achievements in her glide. A  dedicated computer science and engineering teacher, who has set an example for many in terms of leveraging the educationist in her and empowering thousands of government schools in Karnataka with computer and library facilities. Her journey as an educator was the key milestone in giving her a far more distinctive identity; a writer. What more we see in her is a strong-willed woman, a practical human being, a true idol of class, and mutual respect. 

The Writer in Sudha Murty

Sudha Murty set the perfect example of how a 'guru' connects with the students. Her humble down to earth nature and the camaraderie exuded by her, whenever she was in the middle of her students in the class, made her cherished lecturer students looked forward to.  She connected through storytelling in the first ten minutes of her class. Her storytelling didn't stop and the love she got in return from her students prompted her to start writing stories. 

It was difficult to hold back. Sudha Murty discovered the inner call to write and with time it became her passion. Initially, her preferred language was Kannada. Later she started writing in Kannada and then translating them to English. Her fictional stories written for children soon became a roller coaster of vivid imagination, a trip to the mythological scene, fascinating drama, and life lessons. 

What was worth noting was her juggling with English. Till the age of 50, she only wrote in Kannada. Sudha Murty was not sure if her writing in English, would upbeat the classy version of an English Literature. But this didn't stop her. She continued to write in English. In 2002, she came up with her first English Book, 'Wise and Otherwise. She continued to serve the best of novels, technical books, travelogues, collection of short stories, and nonfictional works along with four books for children. 

Some of her notable works are 'Dollar Bahu', 'Gently Falls the Bakula' in Fiction, 'Wise & Otherwise', 'The Old Man and his God' (Non-fiction), and, 'How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories for Children. 

Source: Pinterest

Her unparalleled works made her the proud recipient of the R.K Narayan Award for Literature, Padma Shri in 2006, and Attimabbe Award from the government of Karnataka for excellence in Kannada Literature in 2011.

What makes Sudha Murty the 'writer next door'?

In an interview given to Hindustan Times, she expressed her desire to be the 'writer next door' for her readers. As a writer, she wanted to connect with her readers through her placid style of writing everyday stories and life experiences.  In yet another amusing interview by an eminent writer, politician and, international diplomat, Shashi Tharoor,  interestingly, she accepts her being against too much use of dictionaries, even though she respects the language and literature. She reasons it by saying that she doesn't want her readers to strangle with a dictionary for finding meanings of words every now and then, disrupting the flow of reading. She is much more interested in writing in a colloquial language and not use complex vocabulary. 

It is worth watching the cheerful writer in her and the natural positive vibe that comes out openly in the interview. 

Her viewpoint is very much evident in one of her classics, ' The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk', a heartwarming collection of real-life stories, a reading delight for all age groups.

A woman, practical human being and, an instrumental soul

Her own journey after engineering started new dimensions of equality and the welfare of society. She could not settle with the fact that only male applicants were entertained in TATA Motors. The rebel in her forced her to write a letter to JRD Tata, throwing light on the ongoing orthodox practice, and finally, she became the first woman engineer to be hired by TATA Motors.  
Even though a rock strong support for her husband Narayan Murthy, she always strived to build her own separated identity and never thought of leveraging the reputation of Infosys or being the co-founder as her identity. 
The woman in her commands huge respect, the moment she declared, " I would rather be remembered as an author as well as a social worker rather than the wife of a billionaire business tycoon."

Her practical observation of life is very inspirational. Not only on the professional front but also in personal life, her son and daughter in law reckon her as the source of positive radiance in the family. She believes in detachment rather than attachment that bounds and forces relations and rituals. Her ideology is to practice mutual respect and detaching self from expectations, overflow of emotions, and false attachment.

Her words on 'letting go' and relations:

" If you let go of the ones you love, they will never go away – 

this is the beauty of attachment with detachment! " 

Going strong at 69, Sudha Murty is the true epitome of 'simple living and high thinking'. Her easy-going nature resonates with her modesty and mission to serve society. From time to time, she has set many examples that shun the societal images of 'class', 'luxurious lifestyle', and 'freedom'. 

She continues to inspire us as a philanthropist, a teacher, a visionary, a successful businesswoman, a dedicated social activist, and a prolific writer next door.  This is not the End

After Feelings
Yes, this is certainly not the end.  There may be thousands of tabloids, articles, stories, videos that tell us about Sudha Murty. But none is perhaps complete or sufficient enough to describe an entity like Sudha Murty. She is a true inspiration for me and my quest to know more and more about her may never end. 

My heartful thanks to all the sources and references that made this short tribute possible and bring to my readers a brief glimpse of Sudha Murty. 


Veerangna Ki Awaaz

  VibzContentCart wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day! वीरांगना की आवाज़  हम क्या शिकवा करे, क्या मन्नत करें उनसे जो किसी और पर मर मिटे...