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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Beat the Rush, Not the Quality!



Ever thought what is the purpose of writing something? 

Well ... formal or informal, personal or professional, serious or casual..every line has a meaning. 

But along with the literal meaning of the lines, should we not care about the meaning BETWEEN THE LINES? 

What do you want your reader to understand?  At what level you want your reader's persuasion to reach? 
How closely you want to evoke the experience in your reader? 

Often even the best of the writers succumb to the deadlines and what you get is a 'Regular Basmati Rice' to be precise!

And then, what lingers in a reader (the client's) mind is, " Ye Basmati Rice hi hai na....?"

Writer: " Haa...kyu? " 

Client: " Nahi ji, khusbu nahi aayi na, par koi baat nahi khila khila toh lag raha hai na..."

Writer: " Eh.....OK."

So, what you wanted to serve is not actually served. It is just prepared and kept on the table to eat. 

The solution lies in a mutual understanding between the client and the writer. 

And if its a sheer business wherein money is speaking, then restrict your promises to deliver the best. 


Writing is spiritual. Writing is self-connect. 

You are not a word processing factory. You spin ideas, fact, meaningful thoughts. 

Write LESS.  Linearly Engaging Selling Stuff 

Some quick tips to avoid such kind of situation is:

  • Plan Your Work Engagements In Advance
  • Clear Agreement with Client on Deadlines Best Suitable To You!
  • DO NOT Take Abrupt or Unplanned Assignments in Between Ongoing Engagements  (Favors are not that flavorful always!
  • Relax..relax...relax....Your Content will Be Good if you Relax!
That's all Gyan for today! 

Writing Less:)) 

Can you smell BASMATI!!!

Happy Writing💪

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Discover the Writer in You!

My Journey

I am an accidental writer. Never thought that I would land up this way in the writing field and words will be my second skin.  
Having done everything.. corporate job, teaching in a college, tutoring to management, never felt so satisfied as I am now, a writer.  
But there were times when I used to ask myself. What defines a writer? Am I truly justifying or even somewhere nearby to the definition of a writer. Is there any benchmark for denoting someone as a writer?
Complex vocabulary?
Sentence Structure?
Writing Style?

 All these questions bothered me. But I didn't stop and kept on writing. My mind and heart started directing my fingers, bringing down the whirlpool of thoughts. Mind and paper continued talking. That white sheet was not blank anymore. It had words....the blueprint of my thoughts. There was no looking back as I couldn't find the STOP button later.

So this was me. How did you discover the writer in you? 

Often we think, how to start? Does writing happen all of a sudden?  The following steps can slowly guide you to the pavilion. 

Step 1: Understanding and Sorting Yourself

  • A clear mind is the first necessity for a start. You can't sort your thoughts if they are already tangled with ten other things running simultaneously. 
  • Stop questioning yourself about your ability to be a writer.  Especially when you underestimate yourself in terms of vocabulary. Putting simple words into clear and meaningful sentences matters. 
  • Don't write just because you are pretty impressed by someone's writings. It has to be your inner call and the passion that will drive you to the writing desk. 
  • Writing doesn't happen overnight. Be mentally prepared that it will take time to reach a particular point. 
Step 2: Read → Process → Write 
  • Start reading blogs, stories, articles, or anything of your interest. This will generate a pool of thoughts in your mind. In simple words fodder for your mind to process into expressive thoughts. 
  • Dump your thoughts on paper. It can be random. 
  • It can be even two to three lines stating your inference on whatever you read. 
  • Start writing your opinion or review. It exercises your brain to process thoughts faster. 
  • Be consistent in doing this. Soon the length of your write-up, as well as the comfort of writing, will increase as your thought process gets used to the stimulation to write. 
  • So you writing now? Good! But don't stop reading. You still need lots of fodder to go on!
Step 3: Take Care of the 5 C's
  • Clarity: Make sure whatever you write is clear and precise. Too much detail or long paragraphs may drive away your reader. The reader should understand what your write-up is trying to convey. Clarity also matters when you are penning down a technical subject. Factual information should be well researched and then only stated. Support with strong and valid examples. Remember your thoughts can be vague, but not facts based on primary research!
  • Connect: Your hours of effort on research and then juggling with the keyboard or pen goes for a toss if it doesn't connect with your reader. Write as if you are conversing with your reader on that white sheet. Be expressive, be creative, and let your words be descriptive enough to take your reader in a different world. As someone rightly said, " Write what you want your readers to feel and not read...". Fictional write-ups connect through stories, emotions, drama, twists, humor, and a labyrinth of situations. Free yourself with worries of vocabulary and grammar for once and allow your heart to dictate the ink as long as it flows free.

  • Corrections: After you are done, read, read, and read it. When you read it from a reader's point of view. This helps in continuous improvement of the text, recollect any missing point or information. The length of the write-up can also be adjusted. Grammar corrections can help you with a flawless write-up in the end. Along with reading, view your write-up. This is like the final touch up to your plain text. Focus on sentence and word highlights, fonts, the addition of graphics and relevant pictures, and last but not the least cross-checking the sync of the title with the write-up. 

  • Consistency: It's OK to take a pause but beware of a full stop. Your mind has just started exercising. Just like how regular exercise keeps you in good health, the same way regular writing makes you more and more skilled in writing with ease. You may not start a new article every single day. There may be bad days. But don't leave the page blank even then. One sentence. Good to go. Make it a fun activity, not your to-do list, just because you have to. Take breaks. Start afresh. Welcome new ideas and note them somewhere so that you can always work on it when the writer in you is in full gear. 
  • Contemplate: Feeling Good Already?? So now you are writing. Your words are on the roll. But the real test happens when the reader reads it. You are now at the receiving end of feedback, appreciation, applause, opportunities, suggestions, and even negative comments. Take everything in a conscious and positive stride. Let appreciation not make your overconfident and let criticism not make you over conscious of whatever you write. Accept it with full grace and work on continuous improvement. Take a pause and contemplate how you could have made it better. 

So these were the basic steps to get started as a writer. There might be failures. There might be disapproval. But nothing should deter you until you have the passion to write and it gives you a kind of creative satisfaction. 

Write from your heart. Let your write-ups connect with the audience. It's never late!

As I sit down....holding my pen,
I wish to write, as long as I can.

In my reeling can see me,
Life in joy and sorrow, let it be.

Moments and Experiences, all dark and bright,
Shades of feelings color this white.

Every day  create something fresh and new,
Keep going to discover the writer in you.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Bhaisaab Ki Samajhdhari!

Check Check! 1.....1....3....... Can some one go and turn the upper knob to start the TV and second knob to set the channel??

Thank You. We are good to roll. 


She is confident.
She is a home maker.
She seeks value for money product.
She is assertive.
She leads the scene by examples.
She loves bargaining.

Clad in a white saree with light blue floral print. Hair neatly tied in a bun. Forehead adorned with a typical big red bindi and two curly fringes of hair on either side.  Mesmerising expressions complete her facial aura.

The Unforgettable Scene  & Our BhaiSaab!

Vegetable Market. A  routine banter of bargaining between the vegetable vendor and her.  She effortlessly asserts to not pay a single penny more for vegetables. While the subziwale bhaiya is struggling with her bargaining, our beloved Bhaisaab's voice breaks the scene and mocks her for bargaining every time so much on one side and  purchasing an expensive detergent powder 'Surf' on the other side.  But will this go so easy with her? 

The very next moment, she starts presenting her reasoning to buy that washing powder against other available options with great confidence and convincing expressions. She strongly depicts how even after buying an expensive product she supports her decision based on the quality vs.quantity facts. After she is done, she comes back to subziwale bhaiya and resumes her trademark bargaining. The subziwale bhaiya literally surrenders to her wit and intellectual charm. Who is she?

Her identity is incomplete until she shoots the invisible Bhaisaab and the audience with her ultimate statement.

"Bhaisaab......Surf ki kharidari mein hi samajhdari hai!!"

Perhaps by now most of us know who we are talking about. 

One of the most popular fictional character of the Indian Advertising Industry, "Lalitaji" portrayed by Kavita Chaudhary. 
Little did Alyque Padamsee, the legend ad maker of Lintas knew, that what history this ad is going to create in the advertising industry of the 80's.
This ad was an epic reply to it's prime competitor 'Nirma' whose ads dazzled initially the viewers with jingles and charming models. 
Even though the Surf Ad had no catchy jingles or models. It still raced ahead whenever Lalitaji went on a mission to make Bhaisaab understand the concept of smart buying and not going for cheaper products.

Let us revisit the old lanes. Click on the link below to meet our Lalitaji! 

The raving popularity of Lalitaji proved that a homemaker's reasoning and experience is not a thing to challenge. Her daily dance with the resource management at home, makes her a buyer with a clear mindset and unbeatable oomph of confidence.

So Lalitaji succeeded in a big way in attracting a significant market share for Surf, amidst a deep neck competition. Her flawless easy going tone of  communicating made it look so natural that every home maker started to resonate with her thinking. The mental barrier to go for a costly detergent powder for the sake of good quality was broken.  

"Sasti Cheez kharidne mein aur Achchi Cheez Kharidne mein Fark hota hai!!"

This was the start. Lalitaji kept swaying the masses with her oomph and smartness in a series of ad campaigns. Her strong first impression helped in exemplifying her as a conscious mother in the later ads. The combination of a caring mother as well as a sorted finance manager at home, made her the face of Surf.

In short, with every incident, our beloved Bhaisaab became just more and more samajhdar! Thanks to Lalitaji!

Marketing Lens view🔍

The ad may be  decades old, but the marketing lessons delivered by this ad wave is applicable even today:
  • Value Proposition of a Product - If conveyed well using the right media, the audience would never take it as a preachy marketing gimmick and the value proposition sells.
  • Choice of right characters in ad: The choice of choosing a homemaker vouching for the product instead of jingles and models, played well. Lalitaji successfully represented the millions of homemakers who resonated with her and were convinced to go for an expensive product. 
  • Ad Concept: This played a significant role in making the surf ad popular. Pure focus on the product and logical explanation of the worth of the product. It also targeted the conscious buying of the consumers, Hence it targeted both ways: buying value for money product as well as conscious buying. A win-win situation. 


The image of Lalitaji is now immortalised and will remain a memorable face of 'Surf'. Her banter with Bhaisaab undoubtedly brings smile and races hearts till date.

Way back in 80's her character in the ad, inspired homemakers to be the chief decision makers, smart buying and confident management of household budget.  Women understood the importance of having their own voice and assertiveness in a male dominated world of those times. 

 She is a true inspiration in terms of an Ad Model. Perhaps the world literally forgot who is Kavita Chaudhary, the woman who played Lalitaji in the ad! 

Kavita Chaudhary later did two serials. Today she also owns a production house, but who knows all this? Her entire life got a irreplaceable cover of 'Lalitaji', who made our Bhaisaab samajhar!

A true ad icon. 

Veerangna Ki Awaaz

  VibzContentCart wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day! वीरांगना की आवाज़  हम क्या शिकवा करे, क्या मन्नत करें उनसे जो किसी और पर मर मिटे...