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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

A Mental Stigma on Mental Awareness

Health is Wealth'
Agreed. Probably this was one of the first proverbs we learnt in school. Later we applied too. Fitness and nutrition are now given due importance. We emphasize on clean eating, regular work-outs, our water intake and many more activities that can be done to keep us healthy. that enough? What about our internal strength...our self-consciousness and mindfulness..? Won't these all impact our health? They will. 
So here we are to share some light on 'Mental Health Awareness'.

The question is why are we so 'mindful' but not alert about the importance of mental awareness.

"Maintaining mental health is as good as maintaining a healthy body."
What's wrong in that? 

Good mental health should not be termed as an 'acceptance' criteria by the society. At the same time each and every individual should support the one who doesn't displays the optimum mental health. 
We still lack awareness. This is huge. Thanks to some famous celebrities who had courage to admit they too were once in a questionable situation. And what was that? It was depression. After that episode, there is one word that sums up  mental illhealth...and that is depression. 

Mental illhealth or a disorder is not just depression.  Every disorder has some precursor. Depression too doesn't comes all of sudden. There are many many factors that slowly put an individual on the path that leads to depression. If at all, we offer our help...our support at the starting point itself good it would be. 
But where are we stuck? And why do we fail to identify the precursors in a person before its too late? 

The Process
We are stil not open to come and admit our problems...our insecurities ..our anxieties and fears. It may happen with majority. When we share too or confine in the person we trust, getting an unfavorable response/ adequate response, may discourage us from opening our heart out. Failure to vent out can trap those anxieties that keep multiplying with time. A day comes when this showes its outcome in terms of loosing self control, feeling weak, unstoppable crying, shutting self from the world, erratic behaviour ( sometimes extremely happy and sometimes extremely sad). 
As the world knocks "Mental Health Awareness Week" across different countries, my urge is to address this issue and  focus on the precursors of depression along with the later stage. Let us make general counseling a norm in schools, colleges and even in companies. It will help individuals to be open and vent out their anxieties, get an unbiased and practical guidance. So in this process everyone is equal and has an equal opportunity to address their very inherent concerns in a sorted way. 

Smile....Stay Mindful...Stay Alert...Share and BE STRONG.

Veerangna Ki Awaaz

  VibzContentCart wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day! वीरांगना की आवाज़  हम क्या शिकवा करे, क्या मन्नत करें उनसे जो किसी और पर मर मिटे...