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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Bhaisaab Ki Samajhdhari!

Check Check! 1.....1....3....... Can some one go and turn the upper knob to start the TV and second knob to set the channel??

Thank You. We are good to roll. 


She is confident.
She is a home maker.
She seeks value for money product.
She is assertive.
She leads the scene by examples.
She loves bargaining.

Clad in a white saree with light blue floral print. Hair neatly tied in a bun. Forehead adorned with a typical big red bindi and two curly fringes of hair on either side.  Mesmerising expressions complete her facial aura.

The Unforgettable Scene  & Our BhaiSaab!

Vegetable Market. A  routine banter of bargaining between the vegetable vendor and her.  She effortlessly asserts to not pay a single penny more for vegetables. While the subziwale bhaiya is struggling with her bargaining, our beloved Bhaisaab's voice breaks the scene and mocks her for bargaining every time so much on one side and  purchasing an expensive detergent powder 'Surf' on the other side.  But will this go so easy with her? 

The very next moment, she starts presenting her reasoning to buy that washing powder against other available options with great confidence and convincing expressions. She strongly depicts how even after buying an expensive product she supports her decision based on the quality vs.quantity facts. After she is done, she comes back to subziwale bhaiya and resumes her trademark bargaining. The subziwale bhaiya literally surrenders to her wit and intellectual charm. Who is she?

Her identity is incomplete until she shoots the invisible Bhaisaab and the audience with her ultimate statement.

"Bhaisaab......Surf ki kharidari mein hi samajhdari hai!!"

Perhaps by now most of us know who we are talking about. 

One of the most popular fictional character of the Indian Advertising Industry, "Lalitaji" portrayed by Kavita Chaudhary. 
Little did Alyque Padamsee, the legend ad maker of Lintas knew, that what history this ad is going to create in the advertising industry of the 80's.
This ad was an epic reply to it's prime competitor 'Nirma' whose ads dazzled initially the viewers with jingles and charming models. 
Even though the Surf Ad had no catchy jingles or models. It still raced ahead whenever Lalitaji went on a mission to make Bhaisaab understand the concept of smart buying and not going for cheaper products.

Let us revisit the old lanes. Click on the link below to meet our Lalitaji! 

The raving popularity of Lalitaji proved that a homemaker's reasoning and experience is not a thing to challenge. Her daily dance with the resource management at home, makes her a buyer with a clear mindset and unbeatable oomph of confidence.

So Lalitaji succeeded in a big way in attracting a significant market share for Surf, amidst a deep neck competition. Her flawless easy going tone of  communicating made it look so natural that every home maker started to resonate with her thinking. The mental barrier to go for a costly detergent powder for the sake of good quality was broken.  

"Sasti Cheez kharidne mein aur Achchi Cheez Kharidne mein Fark hota hai!!"

This was the start. Lalitaji kept swaying the masses with her oomph and smartness in a series of ad campaigns. Her strong first impression helped in exemplifying her as a conscious mother in the later ads. The combination of a caring mother as well as a sorted finance manager at home, made her the face of Surf.

In short, with every incident, our beloved Bhaisaab became just more and more samajhdar! Thanks to Lalitaji!

Marketing Lens view🔍

The ad may be  decades old, but the marketing lessons delivered by this ad wave is applicable even today:
  • Value Proposition of a Product - If conveyed well using the right media, the audience would never take it as a preachy marketing gimmick and the value proposition sells.
  • Choice of right characters in ad: The choice of choosing a homemaker vouching for the product instead of jingles and models, played well. Lalitaji successfully represented the millions of homemakers who resonated with her and were convinced to go for an expensive product. 
  • Ad Concept: This played a significant role in making the surf ad popular. Pure focus on the product and logical explanation of the worth of the product. It also targeted the conscious buying of the consumers, Hence it targeted both ways: buying value for money product as well as conscious buying. A win-win situation. 


The image of Lalitaji is now immortalised and will remain a memorable face of 'Surf'. Her banter with Bhaisaab undoubtedly brings smile and races hearts till date.

Way back in 80's her character in the ad, inspired homemakers to be the chief decision makers, smart buying and confident management of household budget.  Women understood the importance of having their own voice and assertiveness in a male dominated world of those times. 

 She is a true inspiration in terms of an Ad Model. Perhaps the world literally forgot who is Kavita Chaudhary, the woman who played Lalitaji in the ad! 

Kavita Chaudhary later did two serials. Today she also owns a production house, but who knows all this? Her entire life got a irreplaceable cover of 'Lalitaji', who made our Bhaisaab samajhar!

A true ad icon. 

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Labyrinth of Meanings

Reading was supposed to be my isolation dome. The only reason I left reading long back was,  my bad habit of being a 'do not disturb' tag holder once I glue my eyes to pages, start sniffing satisfactorily the bookish odour and hold the book in my hands in my typical reading style. Then, there is no end to my reading meditation, until the book itself wakes me, "Get off! I am done."
So now with ample idle time, I decided to re-enter my dome. I got hold of a book. 
It is my general habit to find meanings of new words even if in literal sense I could catch hold of word meaning by reading the sentence. 

Came across the sentence:

She admonished Daddy..
Going by the contemporary solutions, I took my phone to tap my handy 'know it all' google search bar to find the meaning. To my disappointment, internet was pretty slow. But now ..I didn't want to stop the flow. 
My quest for word meaning led me to find out the much abandoned,  smaller than my palm, little black word genie...'Oxford English Mini Dictionary'. 

It was ages holding this word bible in my hands. Sweeping off the dust, my eyes met the pocket dictionary with its typical black cover titled in white font and stripped with red and green colour lines. 
I was lost in a nostalgia of carrying this old friend almost everywhere with me in my bag.
"Mom! Such a small book! Is it some story book?"
I realised my son standing next to me looking with his big square eyes, at my old friend. 
I smiled. "This is a dictionary."
"Whoah! This small thing has a big name. But what's a dictionary mom?"

So finally it was time to introduce this little genie to my son. Told him, how we grew up using this small wonder and found meaning of in-numerous words. 
"OK. See here.  Now I want to see the meaning of the word admonish. This dictionary will guide us the meaning in no time! "

So, as per the usual practice,touted as the dictionary expert,  I started flipping the a list of words..followed by ad...followed by adm......admo........admon...and didn't take long time to stop my  finger. BINGO! 
"Oh wow mom! Its there."
I read out loud the meaning, 

admonish  v.   reprove.
𛲢 admonition n.

"Mom..what is the meaning of reprove?"

" Sure, let me tell you!"

reprove v. give a reproof to.

"Mom..what is the meaning of reproof?"

" Well, no big deal! Let me quickly find out. You see you can get any meaning from here."

reproof  n. an expression of condemnation for a fault.

"Mom...what is meaning of this ..con-dem-na-tion...?"

" Hehe...uh..yes..its easy.....wait a sec..."

Condemn v. express strong disapproval of; convict
𛲢 condemnation n.

" what is convict?"

"Why on the earth do you want to know each and every word meaning?"

"Mom not each was just ...admonish....I want this genie to tell me the meaning..pls Mom..plsss...."

"Aah..ok...I am finding."

convict v. (kŏn - vikt) prove or declare guilty

 " I get you...I get you guilty is some one who feels bad after doing  a mistake. Like I did by showing you my genie. "

" Mom... you didn't find it in the dictionary!"

" Some things are better off the experts. So now, can you go back to your routine???"

He didn't reply and busily started searching something in this newly found labyrinth of word meanings. Never ending words. Could there be a better way than this...?   I was tired, but happy that he learnt so many new words today. It took time, but so much fun. Will he continue to use it..or shall he too be dependent on google tap for expanding his vocabulary...?

"Mom......its strange. I can find the word 'lock-up'....but not 'lock-down' in this dictionary. It seems lock-down has no meaning???"

" Can you just climb down the labyrinth and go to your bed now...????" , I admonished


I love you Oxford Dictionary. Thank You. You guided me with endless meanings of so many new words. Yes, today may be we don't need you much as we have some handy tools. But..being an educator, I would still recommend you as a fantastic vocabulary enhancer tool for kids in early years.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Student Speaks

To my second parent and much missed ..teachers and my second home and lost

Today is May 26, 2020. 
What was not 2020???
Today is May 26, 2019. 

I wish the calendar forgets what is the next number, just like I forget the  definitions in my science subject. I wish my parents become so attached to me in the next two weeks that they just don't allow me to stay seperate in a school for good 8 hours. ( That's difficult after bearing an inquisitive restless 9 year old boy like me for 50 days ...too
I wish the GHMC slugs more this time and takes two months more to finish the pipeline work on the school road. After all every parent would care for the safety of their child. How can they manage to see us struggling through those....dugouts? No....never!
Pheewww! No more day dreaming. Its high time I accept. The school reopens on 8th June, 2019. 
Well I am ok. Its just.. I had so much fun this entire month, doing crazy stuff with cousins, hangouts, flying to my dream holiday destination...that...that...this school notification was like a power off in the last min of the game. 

Can't it be like ...we don't have any! Why are we so good in imagining the unimaginable...the unstoppable..Better...shut it down...It will never happen! 
Present Day...

The sun rays filter through the Doraemon on the curtain, knocking my eyelids to open and begin my day. I wake up and come out to see the usual scene. Mom and Dad negotiating responsibility of home chores. I never knew that they too have a timetable...morning exercise..breakfast...home I too miss my timetable now. And for sure my timetable was way better than theirs.

I am staring at the calendar. Blank. The calendar does have a good memory. Days pass by but not me. I am right here since last 50 days....?...or more.  I have my school, my activity classes, library, playroom all within my home. Cool...?? Not really. 

I miss my uniform. It was so much fun to get ready with oily hair stuck to my scalp as if nothing can move it. A nice pleated, freshly ironed uniform, with knee-length socks, ID Card, shoes. This is a different matter that when I used to come back home I was unrecognizable. Ruffled hair, half shirt out half shirt in, ID card now flunged on my back, a threatening stain of curry near my pocket, shoes now looking half formal half sport shoes....everything displaced....but...shouting out the fun I had in these 8 hours at..School..

Our bright, open classrooms. Where to sit was like a daily question for us. First bench...too much attention and last bench..too much suspicion. No wonder, there was lot of demand for the middle (safe) benches. In such situations, friendship played an important role. I wonder why it was so difficult to keep quite in a library, why the lunch and snack break was so short? Why it was so difficult for us to walk in line while going to wash or hands before eating our tiffins? Why it was so difficult to resist my friend Nair's bisibili bhaat and forget my curry paratha. It was an art to manage big food morsels in our mouth, talk our heart out with friends and also keep an eye on our lunch supervisor who was in turn keeping an eye on us. 

Our time table rolled, and much..But every 40 min had its own story. The lead actor was you, our teachers. Our first interaction with you, used to begin with our standard salutation ringtone..."Gooooood Moaaarnnnnnnniiiiiiiing Teacher". 

Some classes were rocket, every single min I was looking forward to what's next. Some classes...well there couldn't have been a better lullaby for me. But still the energy that our teachers used to carry in the classroom, was contagious. We loved your scoldings, we loved your appreciation, we loved your mini threats too. How can I forget the way you used to walk in the classroom equipped with your tools and weapons. ( marker, pen, register, books, files, a much)! I remember how my allergy to Math made me almost most watched student in the math class. And how can I forget the PTM. The D Day! I never used to behave this well, unlike in PTM.  I just couldn't recognize myself on that day. But yes that was me, whose face said it all...." Ma'am, I am at your mercy, I promise to be good....just save me for the day...."

I do admit that I had drastic stage fear. I remember very well, my first news reading in the assembly. I realized it was easier to stand in the hundreds down and mimic names..Fatso.....Patla Papad.....Shinchan....Mumma's boy... What now? After 3 rounds of washroom and 10 mins of silence, I decided to give up, turned back and then....I find your hand giving me a pat and saying, ' common bravo, do you want to go without telling the world...who your are....?' That was it. That warm, courageous gesture of yours gave weight to my feet, cleared my throat and turned me again to face the audience. There was no looking back'am.

You were everywhere. Boarding the bus with us to the school, supervising us in the assembly, in the class, in our activity sessions, during lunch times, dispersal times, boarding the bus.  But now.. I miss you. I miss that one person, who is as good as my second parent. This endless Pandemic thing has changed my world. Earlier my screen time was like that precious slot of time given to me as a reward for completing my work on time. Now, I study, I play, I do my activities everything in front of that silver screen. 

I miss that  morning rush to catch my school bus and laugh my heart out with friends. I am fed up of eating from my own plate, not having anyone to share my paratha with. I miss you ma'am, your accent, your stimulating speech and your concerns. The roads are empty. The days are longer. The play park has been sealed and we are left to the mercy of mouse button controls. I miss eating your head out of my curious, silly doubts. I miss the patience and smile rendered by you, to a restless question bank like me. You never sulked, even when once I slept off in the class. 

Last week, the school did conduct few online classes for us. I was on cloud nine to see you and others. But that happiness too didn't last long. The classes were cancelled on day 3 itself.  Many parents and may be...including mine were not happy perhaps...the way these classes were conducted. But so what, at least I was beginning to feel normal seeing my teachers. I hope that the school comes back soon with some positive notification. 
I adored you, I made fun of you, I escaped you...but at the end I now realize how much I miss you. 

Did my wish of 2019 just come true......

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Teacher Speaks

Teacher Speaks
To my all dear students and well-wishers,

Our profession thrives with a motto to impart learning. We absolutely love our profession and are proud of it. 

Our day gets started when we start interacting with curious eyes and minds. The mischievous smiles, the innocent questions and also the 'not interested' look is what fills us with gratitude to be in middle of this. 

We miss you. Our classes are empty. The hustle and bustle of our workplace i.e. school is dead. 

There was a time when we used to not get a minute to settle. The commotion in the corridors, the popping question banks in the class, the opening and the ending bell was like an anthem for us. 

But now,  we miss that music, that chaos and the effervescent laughter while you all rushed towards your school bus in dismissal hours. 

We felt proud whenever you grabbed the concepts well and came out with shining colors in assessments. We felt worried whenever you were not able to do up to the mark and we wished we could get some more time to guide you.

The pandemic Covid-19 stuck and the first thing to be done was to ask you to stay safe at home....and not come to school. The session was suspended for an indefinite period. Subsequently we too had to wind up our things and go home. Our livelihoods got little impacted. Along with our profession, the incoming finance was also at hault. Now...we were at the crossroads of uncertainty. 

For the first few days, we felt blessed to have some free time with family at home. Slowly routine became monotonous. Being a teacher....always a teacher.  

To our relief, the school came up with an instruction to conduct online classes. It was a happy and a bad news all together. We were so happy to see you all after a long time. The thought itself charged us and we were in our best possible form to restart our class soon. 

But...for the first time probably we were not confident. With whatever system available at home we had to conduct the classes now..through a video conferencing app. Didn't know how to reach out to you, with all those worksheets, textbook exercises. We struggled a bit. But we soon found that this may be just another opportunity to leave our traditional chalk and talk method behind and upgrade us with new teaching tools. May be we goofed up too in between not knowing how to explain the equation to you on screen. It was difficult to keep upright...especially while the parents were sitting very next to you. But...we tried our best. 

Children...a lot has been talked about us. May be we are not efficient in handling online classes. We even heard about the management now screening for 'technologically sound' teachers. We are trying our best to meet their expectations. We dont want to loose you. Whatever the case might be, we have enjoyed mentoring and teaching you all immensely. 

May be our jobs are at stake. May be we will not be paid salaries. May be we are judged on our communication, appearance and presentation skills. May be your parents shift you to other school in anguish of having to pay fees for April and May. 

Still...irrespective of all the circumstances, anytime you come to us, we will be happy to teach you, interact with you, mentor you with a smile. 

I hope that we see you all soon LIVE once those bright open classrooms. For us,that is the normalcy

Till then...stay at home, be safe and keep learning new things. 

All the best!

Veerangna Ki Awaaz

  VibzContentCart wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day! वीरांगना की आवाज़  हम क्या शिकवा करे, क्या मन्नत करें उनसे जो किसी और पर मर मिटे...